Stoudemire: "I'm a Beast"

Jonah Ballow


All fans need to know about Amar’e Stoudemire’s health and mindset heading into the upcoming season is to take a glance at his shirt.


Yes, that exact word was displayed across Stoudemire’s chest as he described to media members the state of his health on Thursday afternoon at Madison Square Garden Training Center.

“I think now everything is 100 percent. I feel great. I feel stronger than ever before. I actually grew a half an inch, I’m 6-11 now with my shoes on because of my posture. I’m 260 – eight percent body fat, so I feel like a beast,” Stoudemire proclaimed.

The Knicks big man seemed surprised by his sudden growth spurt yet delighted about the opportunity to begin a season with a fully healed back. Fans on twitter have most likely followed Stoudemire’s consistent workout program that continued on Thursday in New York. The unexpected time off also allowed Stoudemire to focus on another aspect to his diverse skill set: ball-handling.

“That’s one of the areas the coaches asked me to work on and I’m such a student of the game that with ball handling skills, it will open up a lot for me and my game and be a nightmare for defender,” Stoudemire stated.

An already gifted offensive star, Stoudemire expects to add a different dimension while maintaining a focus on the defensive side of the floor.

“It starts with us wanting to become better defensive players and a better defensive team and put forth a better effort every night and that’s something we are going to take on our shoulders and continue to work towards that,” the 29-year old explained.

After posting 25.3 points per game in his first season in the Big Apple, Stoudemire is looking forward to the time he will spend with fellow All-Star Carmelo Anthony at training camp. The two players were forced to quickly gel following a mid-season trade that sent Anthony to New York following the All-Star break.

“It’s going to be great, now with us having a training camp together and a few preseason games; it will develop a better chemistry for all of us. We are going to learn how to play better as a team and defensively also.”

Training camp begins on Friday afternoon and media day is set for Monday. The Knicks will travel to New Jersey on December 17 for the first matchup before returning home on December 21 for the final tune-up of the preseason.

With little time to prepare for the Celtics on Christmas Day, Stoudemire’s shirt set the tone for the intensity that will ensue; it’s time for BEAST-mode.
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