In partnership with Budweiser, the Knicks Hoops for Troops program will proudly honor and recognize the brave men and women across the Tri-State who have served or currently serve in the United States Armed Forces. As part of our season-long military appreciation efforts, the Knicks and Budweiser will recognize military personnel in-arena at select games throughout the season:

    · Who have demonstrated a commitment of service that has great impact on the community
    · Whose service or sacrifice has a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of others
    · Whose actions provide positive inspiration for others
    · Who is 21 years or over

Each selected honoree and three (3) guests will be invited to attend a Knicks home game where the recipient will be recognized on-court. The honoree will also have an opportunity to visit the Knicks Training Facility to watch team practice later this season.

To nominate and salute someone for their service, please complete the form below:


December 2016: Sergeant First Class Kim Polk

The Knicks recognized SSG Kimberly Polk who is an Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III and National Guard member of 17 years. She has received over 20 combined State and Federal medals including two Army Commendation Medals. After 9/11 she moved to New York to defend the State and has even displayed her devotion to NY by helping with recovery projects after Hurricanes Irene and Sandy. We thank SSG Polk for her tireless dedication to our country.

November 2016: Sergeant First Class Luciano Yulfo

The New York Knicks recognized United States Army retired Sergeant First Class Luciano Yulfo as the first 2016-17 recipient of the Hoops for Troops Award. Sergeant Yulfo served 36 years in the military, having deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In July 2014, he was injured in Afghanistan, and due to the extent of his injuries, this resulted in his medical retirement. Sergeant Yulfo is described as someone who has consistently gone above and beyond for the people of his community since his return from deployment. He's received numerous awards and medals throughout his military career including an Army Commendation Medal, an Army Achievement Medal, and a National Defense Service Medal.

He was honored during the Knicks vs. Nets game at center court with Knicks Legend Larry Johnson. During his on-court presentation, the Knicks, in conjunction with Paws of War and Cow Harbor Warriors also surprised SFC Yulfo with a service dog, named Murphy, after waiting over 18 months on a service dog waiting list.

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The Knicks and Delta recognized U.S. Air Force Captain Michael Gielbeda for the month of April. Michael has served in the military for the past 18 years, volunteering to serve on four deployments to Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan twice, spending over three years in combat and helping save countless lives. He’s highly decorated in the military with over 25 federal medals and ribbons. Michael has received the Presidential Volunteer Service medal four times for his work in the local community. He aided the New York State Department of Parks with a truly green friendly building, cleaned up our coast lines to prevent pollution and has helped numerous veterans who have returned from combat.


The New York Knicks and Delta recognized retired U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter for the month of March.

In July 2010, Lance Corporal Carpenter deployed to Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. On November 21, 2010, while joining his team to fight off a Taliban attack in a small village, he suffered severe injuries to his face and right arm from the blast of an enemy hand grenade, including multiple shrapnel wounds and the loss of his right eye. After-action reports state that he threw himself in front of the grenade to protect a fellow Marine, Lance Cpl. Nick Eufrazio. Kyle is the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient.

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Retired U.S. Marine Corps, Nancy Schilliro joined the Marine Reserves in April 2003. She trained for 10 months in embarkation logistics, and was deployed to a base in Al Asad, Iraq in March 2004. Near the end of her deployment, she was injured when a mortar round went off near a large diesel fuel bladder. The incident shattered the retina in her right eye causing it to be removed and having to install a prosthetic eye. In 2009, she has transitioned into a career with Wounded Warrior Project as a benefits liaison, working strictly for Project Odyssey, to provide others the same experience she had by participating in Project Odyssey. Nancy has a purple heart for being injured in combat.


Celebrating the Knicks Hoops for Troops program presented by Delta, the New York Knicks recognized retired U.S. Marine Corp Sergeant David Brahe for the month of January.

From 1993-1996, David served in Operation Restore Hope and Operation Distant Runner. During the first operation, David and his fellow Marines created a protected environment for conducting humanitarian operations in southern Somalia and routinely took sniper fire working patrols and security. During Operations Distant Runner, David and his compatriots helped evacuate 148 American citizens and 82 others from civil unrest in Rwanda.

David was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in September 1997 at the rank of Sergeant and has received numerous commendations for meritorious achievement and exceptional service. He has had a great impact not only on our nation, but also a lasting impact on hundreds of others within the foreign countries he has assisted. David has transitioned well to a career with Delta and currently works as a CSA Gate Agent.



Celebrating Knicks Hoops for Troops program presented by Delta, the New York Knicks recognized Staff Sergeant Jim Devary for the month of December. Jim enlisted in the United States Army in 1999, and has since served in several units and assignments.

Jim deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 with the 82nd Airborne and to Iraq in 2004 with the I-69th in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Where he patrolled Route Irish (Airport Road) when it was considered the most dangerous road in the world. As a squad leader he patrolled Baghdad Airport Road and admirably he returned all 24 soldiers from his platoon home with zero killed in action.

Jim enjoyed an experience at the MSG Training Facility on December 14, where we met the entire New York Knicks team, Coach Fisher and the rest of the coaching staff as well as watched practice.


To celebrate the launch of the Knicks Hoops for Troops program presented by Delta, The New York Knicks recognized sergeant Rafael Paniagua for the month of November. Sergeant Paniagua joined the New York national guard in 1977, and has since served in several units and assignments in his military career, such as his deployment to the World Trade Center on 9/11 as security detail for the FBI. In 2004, while serving in Iraq, Sergeant Paniagua's truck was hit with an RPG-rocket propelled grenade. The truck was overturned and his team was heavily engaged in a fire fight.

The injuries led to 2 brain, back, and foot surgeries. He has recovered well in the last few years and spends his time volunteering with the Wounded Warriors project as a peer mentor, helping others who have been through traumatic experiences and injuries to keep America safe, and free. Sergeant Paniagua was honored at the Knicks Hoops for Troops night vs. LA Lakers at center court. He was presented with a personalized Knicks jersey and challenge coin for his commitment to service.

Rafael and his wife also enjoyed an experience at the MSG Training Facility on November 5th, where we met the entire New York Knicks team, Coach Fisher and the rest of the coaching staff as well as watched practice with Knicks Alum John Starks.