May 16, 2014
The State Farm Assist of the Week is awarded to Kenyon Martin for this picture perfect bounce pass to Tim Hardaway Jr.
May 09, 2014
Check out the State Farm Assist of the Week featuring a sweet dime from Raymond Felton to Kenyon Martin for the alley-oop finish.
January 14, 2014
Kenyon Martin gives his take on what the Knicks did so well on defense against the Suns' high-scoring offense in the overtime win.
January 09, 2014
After taking down the Heat, Andrea Bargnani, Kenyon Martin and Tim Hardaway Jr. give their thoughts on the team's solid effort.
January 05, 2014
Kenyon Martin talks about his performance and the team's big defensive effort in the victory over Dallas.
December 28, 2013
Kenyon Martin talks about the effort the Knicks displayed in their loss to the Raptors and what needs to change in the new year for the...
December 13, 2013
Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith share their thoughts on the Knicks' 90-86 loss to the Celtics in Boston.
November 22, 2013
Find out who Kenyon Martin says is the hardest player to defend and if he has ever cried during a movie.