October 20, 2014
Emotional leader of 1990s Knicks formally returned to the organization when he was named to current position on Apr. 8, 2012...In his...
Allan Houston
June 11, 2014
(1999) Knicks become first eight seed in NBA history to reach the NBA Finals, as they defeat the Indiana...
Patrick Ewing
June 05, 2014
(1975) Commissioner Lawrence O’Brien nullifies contract signed between Knicks and George McGinnis
Carmelo Anthony
May 29, 2014
(1932) Hall of Famer Richie Guerin is born in The Bronx, NY....
Larry Johnson
April 30, 2014
(1963) Knicks select Art Heyman with the first overall pick in the 1963 NBA Draft....
Larry Johnson
April 25, 2014
(1952) Knicks fall 82-65 to the Lakers in Minnesota in Game Seven of the NBA Finals....