Season Finale Recap

Rocky Widner
From Hall of Famers to Google Glass, check out the sights and sounds from the final game of a historic 29th Kings season in Sacramento. Photo Gallery | Instagram || Watch: Through Glass | Rudy's Message to Fans | Vine

Final: Suns 104-Kings 99

Rocky Widner
McLemore recorded a career-high 31 pts, but Sacramento fell to Phoenix on Fan Appreciation Night. Outlaw tallied 15 pts and 5 rebs, while Thompson added 8 pts and 11 rebs. Gameday Central

Chip's Quick Tips: Proteins
This week, Kings Director of Athletic Development Chip Schaefer shares a quick tip about daily amounts of proteins.
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SKD Rooks: Mary
Get to know rookie Sacramento Kings Dancer Mary as she wraps up her first season with the team.
Watch: SKD Rooks: Mary

Final: Kings 106-Wolves 103

Rocky Widner
Cousins recorded another huge game (35 pts, 15 rebs and 6 asts), as Sacramento held on to defeat Minnesota. McLemore tallied 19 pts, while Thomas added 14 pts and 4 asts. Gameday Central

Kings to Play in China
During the 2014-15 preseason, Sacramento will face Brooklyn on Oct. 12 in Shanghai and on Oct. 15 in Beijing.
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Photos: Retro Kings
Prior to Sunday's Kings-Wolves game on “Retro for Red” night, which seeks to increase awareness about heart disease & fund critical research efforts, view classic pictures of Sacramento wearing its throwback uniforms. Retro Photos