Kings Fans Try to Break GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Record for Loudest Indoor Crowd Roar

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Sacramento Kings fans recently took to Twitter to raise ground support for breaking the world record for indoor crowd noise when the team hosts the Detroit Pistons on November 15.

We heard them loud and clear.

During the game, broadcasted nationally on ESPN, Kings fans will try to officially break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® record for the “Loudest Crowd Roar at an Indoor Sports Stadium.” Fans will have three tries to break the record.

A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS official will be on site. If successful, the judge will immediately award a certificate to our fans. The official will be available for interviews. The current record is held by Milwaukee Bucks fans, who recorded a level of 106.6 dBA at the Bradley Centre in on December 20, 2008.