Exclusive Sign Lady Q&A

Cap City Kingdom Member Barbara "Sign Lady" Rust discusses her recent induction into the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame and more.

How would you describe what this induction means to you?

I am truly honored to receive this honor, however, I don't see it as an individual award. A lot of Kings fans tell me that my signs represent what they are feeling as well. So I believe that this award is being given to ALL Kings fans and I am merely the representative for the entire Kings Family.

What message would you like to share with your Kings family?

Obviously I love watching the games, but I also enjoy meeting and talking with other fans, Kings employees and players. I would like to thank everyone who nominated and voted for me in this contest, and also for the love, support and prayers you have given me and my family over the last couple of months. It means a lot to us and is helping in my healing process. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of the Kings Family.

What do you think the honor represents to fellow Kings fans?

I am happy that Kings fans who have supported this team for so long are also being recognized. This award is a fitting culmination of several years of Sacramento fans passionately working to save our team. Kings fans were the ones who nominated and voted for me, so this award truly belongs to all of us. Kings fans have once again showed the nation that they are a great fan base. When a challenge arises, they know how to rally together to help create a positive outcome. I think fellow Kings fans will be proud that the FIRST NBA team represented in the Fan Hall of Fame is the SACRAMENTO KINGS.

How do you plan to celebrate the induction?

The induction ceremony isn't until Spring, and it's in Bristol Conn., so I'm not sure at this point. In the meantime, every Sacramento Kings game will be a celebration for me!

Can you disclose any details of your first sign as a Fan Hall of Fame inductee?

We're always thinking of possible new signs, but I'm not sure what the next one will be yet. We're currently trying to come up ideas for our new team members. You'll have to be surprised. :)

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