New Arena


We love Sacramento.

We are so excited for our fans…the people of Sacramento County will finally have the opportunity to vote on a bold vision for our region.

The new arena we agreed upon with the county and city last week will serve as a huge catalyst for a spectacular development at the Railyards that will kick-start the revitalization of a major blight in Sacramento's downtown.

Many great people of Sacramento have asked us how you can participate in the campaign.

Your first opportunity is right now. Four of the five county supervisors must vote on July 25 to move forward with putting the new arena on the November ballot.

Please call or email each of the county supervisors below to express your views before their meeting Tuesday. Even if you live outside of Sacramento County, your voice will be heard as the supervisors consider this important matter for our entire region.

Roger Dickinson – District 1
P: (916) 874-5485

Illa Collin – District 2
P: (916) 874-5481

Susan Peters – District 3
P: (916) 874-5471

Roberta MacGlashan – District 4
P: (916) 874-5491

Don Nottoli – District 5
P: (916) 874-5465
Fax (916) 874-7593

If you wish to express your opinion in person, you are invited to attend Tuesday's public County Board meeting at 11:15 a.m. at 700 H Street, Suite 1450 in downtown Sacramento. Please plan to arrive early.

Thank you very much for all of your loyal support,Joe Maloof           Gavin Maloof
Joe Maloof                                         Gavin Maloof

Supporting Materials:

11:15 A.M. -- Quality Of Life Measure Involving Adding A New Chapter To The Sacramento County Code To Levy A Transaction And Use Tax (Sales Tax) And Placing Two Ballot Measures Before The Electorate; Waive Full Reading, And Continue Until August 2, 2006 For Adoption (Department of Economic Development and Intergovernmental Affairs)