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Burton, Appling Pre-Draft Workout Wrap

By: Steven Wilson
by Jason Wise
Senior Manager, Digital

As the 2014 NBA Draft quickly approaches, the Kings entertained six more prospects for pre-Draft workouts at the team’s practice facility on Monday morning. Kings.com caught up with Nevada guard Deonte Burton and Michigan State guard Keith Appling to gain perspective about the workout, the Draft and more.

Pre-Draft Workout:

Deonte Burton:

How was the workout?

“This is one of the best workouts I’ve done and I’ve done 13 or 14 [workouts for] teams. This ranks like top-three.”

What was it like spending time with the front office, coaching staff and ownership group?

“It was good. It was great – a good experience and good people. Like I said, ‘I have a home feeling here.’ It’s not that different from Reno in my opinion. So it was a great experience.”

What was it like having Hall of Famers Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullins watching the workout?

“It’s definitely motivation and it’s extra push out there [when] you have two Hall of Famers watching you. You can’t be out there slacking, you have to give it your all.”

How does your game translate to the NBA and what can you bring to the Kings?

“I think I can bring a team penetration and explosive [plays] at the rim. I can create for others and I can create for myself. So I feel like I can bring a team creativeness on offense.”

Where do you think you’ll be drafted on Thursday?

“It’s out of my hands right now. The only thing I can do is workout and whatever happens on Thursday, happens. I have no clue where I will be, where I will go, what number or anything. So we will see Thursday.”

Keith Appling:

How was the workout today?

“It was definitely intense. We went through a lot of drills and we competed against one another – that’s basically what we’re here for.”

What was it like having Hall of Famers Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullins watching the workout?

“You try not to make eye contact with those guys while you’re out here on the floor. It definitely can distract you. Like you said, ‘those guys are hall of famers,’ so you just have to have tunnel vision and stay focused on what was going on in the workout.”

What should fans expect from you at the NBA level?

“They can just expect me to come out and compete every night – giving it my all like it’s my last game that I would ever play. [I just want to] be a great teammate and win.”

What kind of emotions are you going through before the Draft?

“[I’m] anxious, nervous, whatever you want to call it. I’m just curious to see what happens and hopefully, a team will select me.”