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Roxanne’s Blog: Season 2

Roxanne’s Blog: Season 2

Sacramento Kings Dancer Roxanne discusses her sophomore goals, advising a new teammate and much more.

Hi, Kings fans! I'm thrilled to begin my second season as a Kings Dancer and look forward to sharing all of my favorite SKD experiences with you throughout the upcoming year.

So far, it's been a little easier and less stressful because I know what to expect and how to manage my schedule, which has made it even more fun. Above all, it's great to be back amongst my awesome teammates, and I always look forward to our practices, games and community appearances.


Last year, I rarely swayed from my workout sequence. I'd simply go to the gym, work out and then practice my dance routines. But now that I have a full season under my belt, I've started to make a list of tricks I'm adding into each routine I practice instead of just going through it step-by-step. For example, if I think there's a leap in there I should work on, I'll make sure I can master it on top of the basic steps.

New Teammates

I'm looking forward to getting to know our rookies, who've been a little quiet and shy over the first few weeks – much like I was when I first started! They're all talented dancers, nice people and great listeners, but I definitely understand it'll take them some time to feel more comfortable and start opening up around the veterans.

I haven't had the chance to talk to all of them yet because our practices have been so jam-packed, but I've been carpooling with one of our rookies, Danielle. I've given her some pointers about preparing for practice and being ready for the season to calm her nerves. For instance, I told her our manager, Jenn, won't throw a curve ball at us – if she wants to see a routine, she'll tell us ahead of time so we can perform at our best.


Community events are always a lot of fun and one of my favorite parts of being a Kings Dancer. I just love getting a chance to interact with our incredible fans, which is why I try to sign up for as many appearances around Sacramento as possible.

Over the summer, we did a cool event at a River Cats baseball game, where Cap City Kingdom Members enjoyed a barbeque and then went down to Raley Field to catch the action. Coach Malone talked to fans and threw out the first pitch, which was awesome! Overall, it was a great time as always. We tossed T-shirts to the crowd, posed for photos and then had a dance contest.


Recently, I was humbled when my old coach at Rocklin High School asked if I'd be interested in creating a routine for the varsity cheerleading squad. I really enjoyed teaching the team a few moves I've picked up over the last few years. A local dance studio has also offered me a position to run the hip-hop department. It's a really exciting opportunity, and if my schedule with the Kings allows it, I might end up taking it.

In addition to working out as much as possible to get in peak shape, I've also been disc golfing in my free time. It's a little hobby I've picked up with my friends – it's basically like golf with Frisbees – and I've had so much fun!

Final Thoughts

I've heard a lot of really positive feedback about our new owners and coaches, and I¹m really excited for an amazing season. With all of our new Cap City Kingdom members, I¹m also looking forward to seeing even more fans at our games. I can¹t wait to dance for all of you.

Go Kings!