Mini-Camp: Day 3

Ready to make an impact, Williams and Acy dish on their Summer League outlook.

By: Steven Wilson

by Steven Wilson
Writer, Digital

Derrick Williams’ arrival in Las Vegas for the third day of Kings Mini-Camp meant two things.

First, the team gained an experienced frontcourt player whose high-flying dunks can electrify a crowd. And second, his experience will play a pivotal role in aiding the development of his younger teammates.

“My rookie season was a lockout year, so we really didn’t get a camp like this,” said Williams. “So this is good. It’s my second time [participating in Summer League] out of my four years, so it’s going to be really fun.”

The fourth-year pro knew early in the process he would be joining Sacramento for Mini-Camp and Summer League – he even offered.

“I told Coach I wanted to come out and play [in] Summer League,’” said No. 13. “I think (the main thing is just) playing throughout the summer. You never want to play against the same competition over and over and over. So getting out here, playing against different guys every single day, [in] different games and having real refs – I think it’s good.”

Williams says he’s worked diligently on his shot over the past few months putting up hundreds of threes and mid-range jumpers daily – knowing a consistent shot will open up the game for him.

“[My goal is to] just come in here and work hard,” said the La Mirada, Calif. native. “I have a lot to prove – I’ve always been like that ever since I started playing basketball. So I just want to come in here, play hard, work hard and get better.”

The Arizona alum joins fellow hard-working forward Quincy Acy as the veteran pair of the team’s Summer League squad.

“This is my third year doing this, and I feel like I have a vet card [now],” commented No. 5. “I know a lot of stuff and [it’s allowed me] to help guys along, while working on my game as well.”

Known for his lively work ethic, Acy has a clear-cut mindset this year.

“[My goal is to] take a pro approach to the game – to every game,” said the third-year forward. “[I want to] be a vet – just out there talking on defense and separate myself any way I can [by playing] hard.”

His no-nonsense approach has ignited spirited competition from some of the younger players – each one trying to top the other. Despite any clamoring over who threw down a better dunk, his knowledge of the system and the game has been impactful.

Whether it’s on the hardwood or the bench, Acy’s teammates are attentive and receptive to his feedback.

“My first mini-camp [in 2012] before Summer League, I was out there like a chicken with [its] head cut off,” admitted the Tyler, Texas native. “It’s frantic because a lot of guys are trying to prove themselves. So I think I’ve been able to get in some guys’ ears and help them along the way. We have a great group of guys and they listen.”

Williams and Acy will both be on the floor Wednesday night as the Kings scrimmage the Raptors. Although the game won’t count towards Summer League standings, it will have added significance for some.

“I’m going against my old team and [I’ll] see some familiar faces,” said Acy. “But [my goal is to] just help the guys, be a leader and be a vet … and [we want to] get a win.”

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