2013-14 Cap City Kingdom Deposit Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your support of the Sacramento Kings and your deposit towards the purchase of a Cap City Kingdom Membership. Your deposit entitles you to priority position for seat selection and the opportunity to select seats before the general public at the Sacramento Kings CCK Membership select-a-seat event. By agreeing to place a Cap City Kingdom Membership deposit, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Right of Refusal – The Sacramento Kings retain the tight to refuse sale on any deposit(s). Only buyers with a purchase address within 300 miles of Sleep Train Arena are eligible to purchase new deposits for 2013-14 season tickets. If a deposit is placed and refused by the Sacramento Kings, the full deposit amount will be refunded to purchaser. A maximum of 8 seats may be purchased by any single account holder.

Cap City Kingdom Membership Deposits are Non-Transferable – Cap City Kingdom Membership seat deposit holders have no right to transfer deposit(s) to any person or entity, whether by a request to transfer the account to another name, or by an attempt to transfer the deposit(s) by sale, gift, transfer by will or trust, property settlement, transfer to creditors or by any other means. Any attempt to sell or otherwise transfer Cap City Kingdom Member seat deposit(s) to third parties will not be recognized by the Sacramento Kings and may result in the cancellation of the Cap City Kingdom membership seat deposit(s).

All Sales Final. No Refunds, Cancellations, or Exchanges – Cap City Kingdom Membership deposits are not refundable for any reason or at any time. By placing your Cap City Kingdom Membership seat deposit you are committing it to the purchase of a Cap City Kingdom Membership and season ticket and may not apply your deposit(s) to any other Sacramento Kings ticket product. If the deposit holder is unable to convert their deposits due to insufficient inventory or any other reason, their deposit will automatically remain on account and establish their priority on a Cap City Kingdom waiting list for membership in future years.

Use of Image - You grant permission to the Sacramento Kings and the NBA (and its designees and agents) to utilize your image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of or at the game in any medium or context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation.

Rights Reserved: The Sacramento Kings reserve the right in their sole discretion to amend, update or modify policies and procedures relative to the Cap City Kingdom Membership and Season Ticket Program upon notice to the member/account holder of record.