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Let's Talk About Mike

"We wish Jordan were 7-feet, but he isn't. There just wasn't a center available. What can you do? Jordan isn't going to turn this franchise around. I wouldn't ask him to. He's a very good offensive player, but not an overpowering offensive player."
-- Rod Thorn, then Bulls general manager, after selecting Jordan in the 1984 NBA Draft (Chicago Tribune, June 20, 1984)

"I thought I would go (into the NBA) and be a flop. Everyone was expecting so much (of me.)"
-- Michael Jordan (Chicago Tribune, May 8, 1985)

"I think he's God disguised as Michael Jordan."
-- Larry Bird, after Jordan's 63-point playoff game in Boston (Chicago Tribune, April 21, 1986)

"(Guarding) Jordan is like a nightmare. I have dreams about it. Especially when the tongue comes out."
-- Craig Ehlo, then with Cleveland, on the 1989 NBA Playoffs (USA Today, May 10, 1989)

"We were playing (the Bulls) in Detroit, and our main objective was not to let Michael dunk on us...He was coming down on offense on a break, and...I had him stopped. The next thing I know, he turns his body all wiggly-waggly. He moves his body in midair, and he lays it in on the other side of the rim. We call timeout..., and before he could say a thing, I yell at Chuck (Daly, the Detroit coach), 'Don't even yell at me! You saw him do it! You saw what he did!"
-- John Salley, recalling a game against Jordan's Bulls in the late '80s

"I was with the developmental team before the 1992 Olympics. The first day, I was matched up against Michael, and I was trying to deny him the ball. He said, 'Look, man, this ain't Duke. I can get the ball whenever I want, and I can do whatever I want with it.' When I thought about it, I realized he was right."
-- Grant Hill (New York Times, Feb. 8, 1998)

"When (Michael) retired, he came to Golden State and practiced with us for three or four days. Mitch Richmond (who had worn No.23) wasn't there (anymore), so (Michael) had his own Warriors jersey with a 23 on it. I saw that and said, 'If we could only keep him on our team.' Man, it doesn't hurt to dream."
-- New Jersey's Chris Gatling, recalling his days with Golden State

"I don't know about flying, but sometimes it feels like I have these little wings on my feet."
-- Michael Jordan (Chicago Tribune, March 24, 1995)

"He came into camp like a man possessed. Every practice, every shooting drill...was just a huge competition...It set the tone for our season...There was definitely a purpose to (it). He was trying to show us what we had to do to be champions."
-- Steve Kerr, on the Bulls' 1995-96 season ("In the Year of the Bull" by Rick Telander, 1996)

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