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Your Favorite Michael Jordan Memories

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The fans speak! From around the globe, users shared their favorite Michael Jordan memories. Below are a sample of responses:

After a game where Michael was obviously the star of the game, my four-year-old daughter tells me "Daddy, I'll like to be as Jordan, tomorrow I'll shave my hair and paint my self with color." Since then she loves Jordan and basketball, in that order.
Daniel Navas
Pichincha, Ecuador

With so many, it is truly hard to choose. But if I must choose one, I would have to say it was Jordan hitting the national-title-winning shot against Georgetown for North Carolina. I told my partner, whom I was watching the game with, we have just seen the birth of basketball's baby Jesus. There was no doubt in my mind that No. 23 was going to be something incredible. Thanks for the memories, Mike, and God Bless You, Brother!!
Rod Britt
Norfolk, VA

I was six when Michael jumped from the free throw line in the Slam Dunk contest. I don't actually remember watching it, the original time (I have seen many replays though), but what I do remember is everyone watching let out a collective 'wow', with their jaws on the floor. I have followed him closely ever since.
Jeff Welty
La Junta, CO

I think the best memory of Jordan was when he jammed the ball from free throw line because he was so high, he was flying like a bird.
Wesley Silva
Duncan AZ

I like his flying in every competition. I like you forever.
Ivan Li
Hong Kong

I personally enjoyed and loved the moment when Mike and his dad were in the locker room after the first championship, to see an athlete in this day and time celebrate and appreciate the hardwork and effort it took to win. It is also gratifying to see the game mean so much to a guy who has it "all". Those type of situations make the game seem as real as it did when I was a kid or high school athlete. It made him seem human in a game and world that in this day and time seems so unreal and artificial.
Tim Morgan
Milwaukee, WI

The greatest memory I cherish of Jordan is the time when he dropped to the floor, hugging the basketball and crying at the end of Game 6 of the 1996 Finals. It was truly a touching scene, and it reminded me that even Michael Jordan is human.
Billy Lau
S Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Lying on the ground in the lockerroom, holding the ball, after winning his fourth title. When I remember this, I still feel the emotions from that moment.
Koen Engelen
Tessenderlp, Belgium

In my memory, the most sensitive moment of MJ is the fifth championship of MJ, the fifth game, held at Karl Malone's host. MJ got seriously sick, he looked very weak, with pale face. But in the game MJ overcame every difficulty. In the last section and the last few minutes, MJ got two free throws. He made the first one, and on the second one, he failed, but he got the rebound, and with his strong heart, strong confidence, strong want to challenge himself, he made it, he made a 3 shot. Oh my god, I can't believe it, everyone motivated by the shot! We all saw Pippen hug MJ, and MJ must cry, we all cry with him, what a wonderful man, perfect man.
Michael Ling
Ganzhou City, China

I will never forget his great performance in the 1997 Finals against Utah, when he was ill, but gave everything for the team and the success. I think this is the main reason why he is the greatest ever. It's not only his skills but his will to come out on the court and win every single ball until the game was won. He made me get up hundreds of playoff nights during the past 10 years and gave me many lucky moments. I loved his game and now I'm looking forward to seeing the other guys trying to be just a little bit like him. From my point of view no one ever will be his rightful successor.
Robert Matzke
Schwerte, Germany

Mi mejor recuerdo es cuando lanzo el tiro ganador en uno de los partidos contra los Jazz en 1997 estando enfermo y con fiebre. A pesar de todo lanzo y encesto, MJ es de otro planeta y jamas alguien podra jugar ni siquiera igual que èl. Te vamos a extrañar, el juego ya no es lo mismo sin ti.
Carlos Medina
Lima, Peru

I am a huge Michael Jordan fan and yes I do have a favorite memory. The Bulls were playing the Lakers and I wanted to see Michael Jordan dunk. I watched for a while and finally Mike stole the ball and went running down the court with no defenders around him. I knew that he was going to dunk it and I was awaiting the monster dunk. Then, all of the sudden, Mike dribbled the ball off of his foot and the ball went out of bounds. I thought that I would feel so stupid if I did that, but then the weirdest thing happened: Mike started laughing. He must have thought it was a stupid mistake just like everyone else did and he thought it was funny. I started laughing at him and I have been a Bulls fan ever since! We love you Mike, thanks for everything!
Adrienne Lephart
Springfield, OH

In a game against Denver when Mutombo was just a rookie, Michael shot from the free throw line with his eyes closed and after having scored he told Mutombo -- and I quote -- "Welcome to the NBA."
Jorge Mãrquez
Mexico City, Mexico

Dikembe Mutombo boasted that Jordan had never dunked on him during his career. The next game, Game 5 of the 1997 playoffs, Jordan made a point to throw one down over Mutombo. After the dunk he wagged his finger at Mutombo as Mutombo would do after he blocked someone's shot. He was T-ed up for the taunting. During the postgame remarks he was asked if it was worth the technical foul to prove the point. Jordan responded... Yes I think it...No, it wasn't. I think I hurt the team by picking up the foul.
John Terpstra
Des Moines, Iowa

It's three o'clock in the morning on a hot summer night. My eyes are closing and I'm about to fall asleep.... but no, in ten minutes starts the game and I can't miss it. There it is, the players enter the court and number 23 starts doing his job. I'm not asleep any more; it's such a great show that my body stays awake without any problem. Exciting final minutes, Michael's performance leads the Bulls to another championship and I become the happiest person on earth. It's six o'clock in the morning and I don't want to sleep anymore. Of course, I will not forget to hang the Bulls cap from the hook so that when my dad gets up, he will know that we are champions again. At eight o'clock I will have to go to school, a tiring day for me; but it will be worth having seen him playing.
Gabriel Martinez
Mislata, Spain

I think that my favorite Michael Jordan memory was when he announced that he will be back for the Chicago Bulls from the 18-month retirement... and I hope he does it again.
Peter Kim

One of my favorites was when M.J. kissed the bull on the floor in the Chicago Stadium. This was after a Scottie Pippen/Ameritech charity game. M.J. was retired at this time but the day of the game he announced he was going to play. Was I glad I purchased tickets as this was a chance to see M.J. play again. I could not believe what I was seeing as M.J. dominated this game. When he kissed the floor I said to myself he still loves the game and he is coming back!
Mary Anne Lynch
North Riverside, IL

I like his smile.
Pantipt Taksatian
Bangkok, Thailand

What else could it possibly be but his last two plays against Utah to win the Bulls' sixth title? The steal was just so fitting, in retrospect, as if to remind us one last time, hey, Michael Jordan was one of the best defensive players of all time. And then, The Shot, of course, the shot that will forever be remembered as Michael's lasting image and defining moment. It's almost too surreal, but it happened--Jordan hit his last shot ever to win his last game ever to win his last title. Who knows if it was the dunks, or the game-winners, or that smile, or the shoes, but it was something...and it was great. Every last beautiful second of it.
Tony Shin
Fullerton, CA

I actually have two memories of Michael Jordan that stick out in my mind. Ironically both are recent: one being his grabbing the game ball after the first championship back from baseball and lying on the ground crying. The other is his extended hand after sinking the championship winner in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.
Ashish Varma
Chicago, IL

It would have to be his final 20 seconds of basketball. He strips Karl Malone, comes down, sets up and crosses Russell for the game-winning, 6th-championship-clinching jumper. It was the way for him to go out, his final shot being the game winner. No better way to end his career, that shot defined everything Jordan was about and it will be etched in my mind forever, thank you Michael for everything.
Wayne Jones
Akron, OH

Well of course the winning shot in the 1998 NBA Finals against the Jazz, it was an excellent shot to wrap up the match and believe me only a human being like MJ can do it, he is a phenomenal guy and electrifying, too. And finally the fans around the world will miss that figure who always had his tongue out while playing the game. Sad to say "ADIOS TO THE NO. 23." LONG LIVE MJ. HAIL MJ.
Chandra Mouli
Karnataka India

One of my favorite memories is just the picture of Michael taking a jump shot. He has such grace just displaying the fundamentals of the game.
Stuart Congdon
Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England

I just loved it when MJ used to dunk on people.

October 17, 1997: McDonald's Championship, Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France.
The moment when MJ entered the arena. Never in my life have I felt so much electricity and excitement in the air as during that evening in Paris. The arena was full of flashes, people were standing and shouting Michael's name. The crowd was mainly European; most of us saw number 23 for the very first time. That moment I realized I wasn't just going to see a great athlete; Michael Jordan is a lot more than that.
Henri Hilke
Turku, Finland

Bulls vs. Bullets @ USAir Arena, '95-96 Season
Michael brings the ball into the corner, guarded by Brent Price. Price, playing textbook defense on the legend, concentrates so hard on watching MJ's belt, that Jordan palms the ball and waves it over Price's head... needless to say, Price is so intent on not being faked out, continues to stare down MJ... unfortunately, he then got schooled.
Kevin McDermott
College Park, MD

My favorite Michael Jordan memory is the one when he scored 63 points vs. the Celtics in Boston on 20 April of 1986, and what Larry Bird said about Jordan that night -- that was unbelievable! -- that memory inspires me everyday when I go to play basket.
Christian Parra
Guayas, Ecuador

I can't remember the year, but it was late in the season... The Bulls were playing the Knicks in the Garden, and it was towards the end of the game. Michael was double-teamed in the corner by two of the Knicks, but somehow he spun out of the trap, went baseline on another defender, then dunked over Ewing. As I recall it, I cant seem to remember what was more poetic... the move Michael made, or the look on Ewing's face.
Chris Mason
St. Petersburg, FL

My favorite Michael Jordan memory is from his first game at Madison Square Garden after his retirement, when he scored 55 points against the New York Knicks; it was showtime at its greatest. I think that even Spike Lee would have to agree with me!
Marfreeia Reams
Gainesville, FL

My favorite Michael Jordan memory is from the 1991 Finals, when Jordan drove to the hoop and was about to dunk the ball. Then the next thing I know he brought the ball down from his right hand switched it to his left hand then kissed it off the glass. He did all this while in the air. He also did it over Magic Johnson and other L.A. Lakers. I will always remember the moment in time. It made me drop my jaw.
Chris Lydon
Syracuse, NY

My favorite memory of Michael Jordan is his shot at the end of regulation in Game 3 of the 1991 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers had gone up 13 points in the third quarter, and the Bulls had fought back so hard to even it up, until Vlade Divac fumbled in a layup and put the Lakers up ny two points. There so much so tension, but Jordan dribbled the length of the court and hit the jumper, even with Divac and Byron Scott in his face, to tie the game. Unbelievable. He carried the team, and Chicago, on his shoulders, and came through. It proved to me he is one of the mentally strongest players in history. That, in my mind, is what I respect most about Michael Jordan. It's his incredible mental strength. He willed himself to become a complete player. We all can learn from that.
Dean Ahn
Bellflower, CA

All memories of Michael Jordan inside of me are precious and are my favorites. I love these memories and I miss Michael Jordan.
Song Feng
Guangzhou, China

I remember when MJ came to France nine years ago for an exhibition game in Paris. At this time, MJ were beginning to be more and more popular in the country but I thought that it was nothing comparing to the U.S. But, when I finally got to this exhibition, there were approximately 1,200 people instead of 300 or 400 that the stadium could contain. Michael Jordan, even before his first NBA championship title, was "his airness". I will always remember this moment, even if I had to wait all day long to see THE MAN. I will always remember this crowd who already believed that Michael Jordan wasn't human. Thank you MISTER JORDAN for all the dreams you gave me, for all these crazy moments I lived on my TV screen.
Larent Hirsch
Saint-Maur, France

Earlier in his career, Michael was playing in Utah and dunked on John Stockton. Running down the court a fan called out "Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" As if his character was challenged, Michael broke to the ball, stole it and dunked over Utah's enormous Mel Turpin. On his way back up the court this time, he turned to the fan and asked, "Was he big enough?"
Mookie Loss
Glen Ellyn, IL

The impossible shot Michael did against the New Jersey Nets where he beat the outside defender, went to the basket, and brought it up, then down, then around the back, then reversed it for the score over 3 Nets players. That was amazing, only MJ could do that.
Benjamin Ringer
Brisbane, Australia

Last shot.
Darek Fras
Warsaw, Poland