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Hey Jazz Fans: Thanks for the continued responses to our “Ask Greg” section on

A Note To All Jazz Fans:

Thank you for the hundreds of letters I’ve received with your thoughts and ideas on free agents you would like to see us pursue, players you would like to see us draft, and trades you think will help strengthen the Jazz team. The NBA prohibits the discussion of free agents in any fashion until July 1st, so I can’t respond to your suggestions, but thank you for making them. 

As to players in this year’s draft, Kevin likes to keep a pretty tight grip on what he is thinking and who we are targeting, so I’m obliged to do the same. 

Thank you though for sharing your opinions with me.  I find it very interesting to read your letters and get the pulse of what you, the fan, think we should do.

Greg Miller
June 15, 201

Ryan from Salt Lake City wants to know:

Is there any chance of the Rocky Mountain Revue returning this year?

I wish I could say yes, but the answer is no. We tried very hard to revive the Revue for this summer, but most teams prefer to travel to either Las Vegas or Orlando for their summer leagues. We are still hoping that someday we bring it back, but for now it’s gone. Our team will attend the Orlando league July 5-9, along with the Orlando Magic, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Indiana Pacers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics and the Charlotte Bobcats.

Trevor from St. George asks:

When will the new Utah Jazz jerseys make their debut?

The league in conjunction with Adidas is planning on a big announcement on August 16th. FANZZ is currently working with the league to be the first retailer to have the new jerseys available for sale.

Brady from St. George asks:

Are we going to have our new logo revealed in time for the NBA Draft on June 24th?

We revealed the new J-note logo today. All FANZZ stores are now stocked with new merchandise featuring the logo. You can see it in the header of the webpages as well.

Nick from Salt Lake writes:

There has been much talk about new jerseys, colors, and logo for the Jazz, will there be a new court to match it all?

Yes there is a new court design. We’re going to reveal it at the 2010 NBA Draft Party at EnergySolutions Arena on June 24th, so come to the Draft Party and be the first to see it!

Chad from North Salt Lake asks:

With 3D technology advancement and new 3D HDTV's, do you see the day when we might be able to enjoy a Jazz game on TV in 3D?

As you may have heard, ESPN launched a 3D channel on June 11. With ESPN being an NBA broadcast partner that regularly shows Jazz games, I anticipate that several of our games will be shown on the ESPN 3D channel next season. As to Jazz games on FSN-UTAH, they will all be broadcast in high-definition. We do not have plans to invest in the extra equipment and cameras needed to do 3D telecasts.

Jake from Sandy asks:

I know you're putting a lot of money into the arena for the 2010-2011 season, but is there any chance you will be putting in a new Jumbo-Tron?

We won’t be doing a new scoreboard this season, but it is near the top of our wish-list for future arena investments.

Paul from Lafayette, Indiana writes:

Why can't you answer all the questions of fans instead of a simple few? Personal interaction with fans in the form of an email would go along way towards increasing patronage to the Utah Jazz.

My mailbag receives about 250 to 300 questions every week. It would be a full-time job answering the emails if I responded to each one. I appreciate reading the thoughts of Jazz fans and the questions they have, and I try to respond to those that have either been asked repeatedly, or are timely and relevant.

Sam from St. George writes:

I've always been curious about how player’s contracts work. If a player is injured and plays limited games, do you have to pay the full amount?

Yes we do. All player contracts are guaranteed for their full amount, whether he plays or not.

Scott from Cottonwood Heights asks:

I enjoy attending the draft party at the EnergySolutions Arena when my schedule permits. Could you give me any insight if there will be any promotions or special guests this year? My kids enjoy the bear etc.

We have big plans for this years draft party. For starters, Kevin is going to have a lucky Jazz season ticket holder go to the podium and make the announcement of our selection. We also will be revealing the new paint job on the playing floor, and 15 lucky fans who entered our Utah Jazz Locker Room Cleanout contest will get to go into the locker room and clear out the gear left behind. The first 3,500 fans will all get a free Coke, hot dog, and a voucher good for a free Salt Lake Bees game, and everyone in attendance will be able to play our “Draft Party Bingo” game, with the chance to win autographed jerseys and balls. The doors open at 4:30 p.m. on June 24, with the draft broadcast beginning at 5:30 p.m. We currently own the ninth pick in the draft.

Wendell from Rupert, Idaho wants to know:

How can I tell from the Jazz's website who you are bringing in to work out? I look and look and try different links but I can't find the information I need.

We typically don’t announce very far ahead of time who it is we are bringing in to workout. When we do make that information public, we put it on the website, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages. The local TV stations usually have the information the night before any workouts.

The reason we don’t make big announcements is that many of these workouts are thrown together quickly as players criss-cross the country working out for different teams. Walt Perrin does a great job of coordinating the chaos to get the guys in we need to look at.

Once workouts are over, our internet team interviews each player and we post those on the website, so you can see everyone who has been in to workout for us.

That’s it for now. Have a great week!

Greg Miller

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