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2011 Scouting Reports: Derrick Williams

As the play-by-play voice of the Utah Jazz and host of "Locked On Sports" on 1320 KFAN, David Locke is no stranger to the NBA. Join him as his scouts the top 2011 NBA Draft prospects. This is the place to find David's pure, unedited Jazz draft insight.

Specifics: 6’8.75", 248 pound
Birthdate: May 25, 1991
Numbers: 19.5 pts, 8 rebs – shot 60% fg and 57% from three.
Game Scouted: Arizona v. Duke - Arizona v. Washington -- Arizona v. Texas


The Pac-10 Player of the Year. After an all freshman year in Pac-10 he added to his game and had a huge sophomore year. Averaged nearly 20 points and 8 rebounds his sophomore year.

A super combination of athleticism and strength coupled with a strong outside shooting game. There is a lot of debate on his position in the NBA. He is a power forward whose ability to play on the outside is going to be an asset to his offensive game. Two enormous concerns in his game, he is undersized and I am not convinced he plays very hard. Defensively he is a great rebounder but a poor help defender. Often doesn’t leave his man in order to stay in rebounding position. Offensively, if he gets any air space in the open court, on the rebound or off a pick and roll he will punish you.

Has an NBA ready body and plays off contact very well. Can finish with both hands near the rim and hold balance off getting bumped. Most guys have a hard time with the transition to the NBA because of this and he will not.

As good an athlete as he seems to be he is a two foot jumper which hurts his athleticism. When he goes off one foot there is no explosion. The need to bring the second foot in often means it takes too long at the NBA level.

Not an all out effort player, he runs the floor at half speed with regularity and poorly in transition. Run the floor uphill onto the defensive end. This will have to change in the NBA.

With the game going smaller and more athletic he will be a problem for teams to deal with on the offensive end.

At the biggest moments he finds another gear to make plays at a higher level. The block v. Washington to clinch Pac-10 title, the 3’s v. Duke in the first half of NCAA and the late game plays v. Texas. When it is on the line he goes to another level.

A solid NBA player who start, but not star in the NBA. He will struggle at times being a power forward in the NBA, but is not a small forward. Will give teams a terrible trouble with his ability to play on the outside and his good rebounding will cover for lack of size. Any open space and he will make the play.

Overall: Explosive player if given any space. Became a terrific outside shooter last season. Played a ton of pick and pop at Arizona, would rather play face up in the post than post up.
Post Game: Plays mostly on the outside in a pick and pop game Doesn’t do a lot of back to the basket work and will struggle with it in the NBA due to lack of height. Key in the NBA will be if he is guarded by a small player will he be able to beat him in the post. Strong body that does finish inside, interesting to see in the NBA if he has enough lift to finish those plays.
Isolation Game: Likes to face up from the post . We play straight up from 10 to 15 feet out. He has a good enough handle and quick enough to beat someone on one or two dribbles. His lift is off two feet not one which limits his ability to get over people.
Pick and Roll: Ran a ton of pick and pop game from the top. Sets an OK pick but doesn’t do a great job of freeing the ball handler. When he rolls to the hoop in the lane he is not often open on the side if they give him the slightest air space he will hammer it home. He is impressive on the pop because of his outside shot. This will be a tough guard for people in the NBA game.
Shooting: Will be one of the better outside shooters for a power forward in the NBA. Will space the floor well and move the opposing bigs to the outside.
Rebounding Great hands and committed to the boards. He both keeps balls alive and grabs the rebounds himself. If you don’t box him out he will fly above rim (off two foot jump) for a follow jam.
Passing: Comfortable with the ball but not a passer . Makes a lot of poor decisions forcing passes into traffic.
Picks: I am not impressed with hard he plays without the ball. In fact, I feel he does very little to help his teammates whether it is passing, picks or running cuts to open areas. His picks are soft.
Understanding: Not clear.
Overall: Very discouraged by the effort level I saw from Williams over the three games. Not a floor sprinter. Not a a help defender. He is a defensive rebounder. He holds his ground in the post. He will not impact the game above the rim. Most interested in getting his rebounds.
Post Defense: Holds ground but in the NBA will be undersized and have a hard time effecting shots.
On Floor Defense: Steps out on pick and roll. Stays conservative with his actions. Doesn’t get beat. Doesn’t rush back to his man at all.
Help Defense: Awful. He will allow a driver to go by him to stay in rebounding position.
Pick and Roll D: I think he will be able to be a decent NBA pick and roll defender for his size.
Rebounding: Has great hands. Will be a good rebound accumulator in the NBA.
Shot Blocking: Not an above the rim defender.
Hands: Fabulous. Can finish with both hands
Balance: Terrific, handles contact very well.
Plays Hard: Simply no. Plays hard with the ball but that is it.
Feet: Good balance
Pressure: Played a lot of big moments and seems to turn it on when the lights are on.
Attitude: Big game player . The bigger the game the bigger the moment he made the plays.
Best Case Scenario: David West or Michael Beasley
Likely Scenario: Jeff Green
Worst Case Scenario: Troy Murphy
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