This Day in Jazz History - June 26, 1996

by Bill Lea

The Jazz selected Shandon Anderson out of the University of Georgia with the 54th pick of the 1996 NBA Draft. Coming out of college Anderson made the most of his opportunity, impressed the right people and it paid off for the Jazz in a big way. He helped the Jazz to the NBA Finals each of his first two seasons and though he could knock down the open shot, what he did best was his play defense and hustle. There was a sequence in the '97 Finals that sums him up perfectly. He was chasing around Michael Jordan off a series of screens and just before he ran into Dennis Rodman, he cut in front of a pass that was intended for Jordan. He stole the ball, got it to John Stockton and then raced down court for an easy dunk. No showboating. No posing for the camera. Every Jazz team could use a Shandon Anderson. He averaged nearly eight points and three rebounds per game in three seasons for the Jazz.