PK’s NBA Top 15 for week of March 12


PK's NBA Top 15 for week of March 12:

  1. Miami - The Heat followed two consecutive losses with three straight wins. This week will tell a lot, as they play three road games against Orlando, Chicago and Philadelphia. Last week: 1.
  2. Chicago - The only two losses in the last 13 games came at home against New Jersey and Orlando. Last week: 2.
  3. Oklahoma City - The sixth man of the year James Harden is averaging 27 points over the last three games. Last week: 3.
  4. San Antonio - After winning 11 consecutive games, the Spurs have come back down to earth. They have gone 3-4 in their last seven games. Last week: 4.
  5. Memphis - They have won eight out 10 games, with the losses on the road to Houston and Phoenix by a combined 11 points. Last week: 11
  6. Orlando - This team remains hard to figure out. In two consecutive games last week they lost at Charlotte and won at Chicago. Last week: 10.
  7. Lakers - What is this world coming to? In the final minutes of a win over Boston, Kobe Bryant urged coach Mike Brown to use him as a decoy and go inside to 7-footer Andrew Bynum. Last week: 7.
  8. Philadelphia - After a stretch of losing eight out of 10, the Sixers may be coming out of the funk. They have won three consecutive games, winning each by at least 12 points. Last week: 8.
  9. Atlanta - All is not well in A-town. Josh Smith has demanded to be traded, complaining the team didn’t back him in promoting his bid to make the All Star team. Last week: 12.
  10. Clippers - Bad news keeps befalling the Clippers. Starting a six-game homestand, they lost to the Warriors and fell out of first place in the Pacific Division. Last week: 5.
  11. Denver - This schedule has turned tough. The Nuggets lost to Memphis, starting a streak of five games against teams with winning records. Last week: 13.
  12. Indiana - Bizarre is the name of the game for this team. Over the last month they have had five-game winning streaks and losing streaks. They are currently on a four-game losing streak. Last week: 9.
  13. Dallas - What is going on here? Since improving to nine games above .500 on Feb. 17, the Mavericks have gone 3-9. Last week: 6.
  14. Boston - The Celtics should find out where they stand in the Eastern Conference in the next two weeks. An eight-game road trip ends March 23. Last week: NR.
  15. Houston - Houston, you’ve got a problem. After losing to Cleveland, Luis Scola said: “This is a bad part of the year for us. We’re struggling. We’re not playing the right way. We don’t have confidence.” Last week: 14.