PK’s NBA Top 15 for week of Jan 16


PK's NBA Top 15 for week of Jan 16:

  1. Oklahoma City - The numbers continue to get more impressive. The Thunder have the league’s best record, have won seven consecutive games and are 6-1 at home and on the road. Last week: 3
  2. Chicago - In an odd statistic, the Bulls are allowing 66.8 points at home and some 30 points more on the road. Following suit, the Grizzlies put 102 points on the board in Monday’s 16-point win over the visitors. Last week: 2.
  3. Philadelphia. - Less than one month into the season, the Sixers already own a four-game lead in the Atlantic Division. Already at 10-3, they needed 25 games to reach 10 wins last season. Last week: 7.
  4. Lakers - Half of their 10 wins have come against teams without winning records. The next four games – Miami, Orlando, Indiana, Clippers – are against playoff teams. Last week: 9.
  5. Orlando - Golden State tried fouling Dwight Howard and it didn’t work (Howard tied a career-high 45 points and shot an NBA-record 39 free throws). New York tried double-teaming Howard and it didn’t work (left open, Ryan Anderson made seven three-pointers and scored a career high 30 points). Last week: 11.
  6. Indiana - A 9-3 start, all against the Eastern Conference, has the Pacers talking big. Said Danny Granger: “We’re a force to be reckoned with in the East.” Said Roy Hibbert: “Let everybody talk about the teams and have them ranked ahead of us, and we're just going to go ahead and just do our business and chop them down. “ Last week: 5.
  7. Clippers - The kind schedule – the Clippers have played a league-low 10 games – is about to change. They play nine games over the next two weeks. Last week: 8.
  8. San Antonio. - If the Spurs finish the regular season with the NBA’s best record maybe they can win another championship. After 13 games, they are 9-0 at home and 0-4 on the road. Last week: 12.
  9. Miami - A five-game road trip started fine, with wins over Atlanta and New Jersey, but blew up in the West with three consecutive losses. The Heat are now home for five straight but likely won’t have the yet-again injured Dwyane Wade. Last week: 1.
  10. Atlanta - The Hawks suffered a crushing blow when All-Star center Al Horford went down for several months with a shoulder injury. The tandem of Zaza Pachulia and Jason Collins won’t cut it. Last week: 6.
  11. Utah - What a week for Paul Millsap, who shot 57 percent from the field and averaged 20 points and eight rebounds.. Last week: 13.
  12. Dallas - Lamar Odom’s career numbers: 14.5 points, 8.8 rebounds, 46 percent from the field. Odom’s numbers this season: 7.9 points, 5.3 rebounds, 39 percent. Last week: NR.
  13. Portland - Not a good sign – the Blazers went down to the wire to beat the lowly Hornets to snap a three-game losing streak. Last week: 4.
  14. Denver - Turns out after beating Miami the Nuggets were too cool to do the same against the Jazz. Said George Karl: "We thought we were cool after kicking Miami's butt and we got embarrassed.” Last week: 10.
  15. Memphis - A three-game winning streak at home was highlighted by a 16-point win over Chicago. But six out of the next seven games are on the road. Last week: NR