PK’s NBA Top 15 for week of Feb 20


PK's NBA Top 15 for week of Feb 20:

  1. Miami - How good has this team been? During its current six-game winning streak, Miami has won every game by at least 12 points. Last week: 2.
  2. Oklahoma City - As Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook continue to dominate the attention, Serge Ibaka continues to do his thing. The 24th pick of the 2008 draft, he was selected one spot behind Kosta Koufus, Ibaka had a triple-double, including 11 blocks, on a night when Durant and Westbrook combined for 91 points. Last week: 3.
  3. San Antonio - The NBA’s hottest team is coming to Salt Lake City. As Manu Ginobili continues to come and go with injuries (after missing 22 games, he suffered a strained left oblique in the last game), Spurs continue to roll, having won 10 consecutive games and seven straight on the road. Last week: 4.
  4. Chicago - What figured to be easy, wasn’t. Entering Saturday’s game against New Jersey with an 18-1 record against teams below .500, the Bulls laid an egg and lost by 12 points at home. Last week: 1.
  5. Clippers - With a rare chance to beat San Antonio (the Clippers have lost 20 of the last 21 games against the Spurs), Chris Paul committed a turnover on play he called his worst in the NBA. Last week: 6.
  6. Dallas - If not for getting caught up in Linsanity, during which they were outscored by 10 points in the fourth quarter against New York, the Mavericks would be on a seven-game winning streak. Last week: 7.
  7. Philadelphia - They are still on target to win the Atlantic Division, but the Sixers have suffered disappointing losses at home this month to heavyweights Miami, San Antonio, the Clippers and Dallas. Last week: 5.
  8. Indiana - Time to get healthy. After losing five consecutive games, the Pacers have won two straight and the next four games are against teams with losing records. Last week: 8.
  9. Orlando - Can the Magic win when teams clog the middle? The answer is no, as Miami showed when Dwight Howard made only five field goals. Last week: 9.
  10. Lakers - Frustration is building as the Lakers continue to relatively flounder. Kobe Bryant is now calling on management to either trade Pau Gasol or not. Last week: 10.
  11. Memphis - At 12-13, the Grizzlies were without Zach Randolph and going nowhere. Since then, they’ve only lost to Utah in going 6-1. Last week: 11.
  12. Houston - Even having lost three out of the last five games, the Rockets are still four games over .500 and play the next three games at home. Last week: 14.
  13. New York - Will the greatest story in sports slow down? Let’s hope not. Last week: 15.
  14. Atlanta - After losing to Miami at home, the Hawks began a five-game road trip that has seen them get only a two-point win at Phoenix with stops left at Chicago, New York and Orlando. Last week: 13.
  15. Denver - It’s not all the loss of one player. The Nuggets are 2-5 without Danilo Gallinari but were 1-5 in his last five games. Last week: 12.