PK’s NBA Top 15 for week of April 23

by Bill Lea


PK's NBA Top 15 for week of April 23:

  1. San Antonio - These two truths we know: Gregg Popovich will make sure the old timers will be rested for the playoffs; and at 21-3 since March 21, they will go into the playoffs on a roll. Last week: 1.
  2. Oklahoma City - Some doubt must be creeping in. In April, the Thunder are only 7-6 with home games remaining against Sacramento and Denver. Last week: 3.
  3. Miami - Here’s your MVP. This season’s numbers for LeBron James: 27.6 points, 7.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists. Last week: 3.
  4. Chicago - Can the Bulls put it all together in time or will their timing be off? With Derrick Rose missing 26 games, the first five has started together only 14 games. Last week: 4.
  5. Lakers - World Piece of !@#$ deserves at least a five-game suspension for his vicious attack on James Harden. Last week: 5.
  6. Indiana - Losing to Philadelphia ended a seven-game winning streak but did nothing to slow down the momentum the Pacers will take into the playoffs. Last week: 6.
  7. Clippers - This really is a new time. The Clippers broke 40 wins for the first time in five years and should get homecourt at least for a one round. Last week: 7.
  8. Memphis - Here’s another team that isn’t going to stress about not having homecourt advantage in the playoffs. Last week: 9.
  9. Boston - The only time this aging team cares about is fast approaching. . Last week: 8.
  10. Dallas - The Mavericks are in the playoffs, but can they really beat Oklahoma City or San Antonio in the first round? Last week: 10.
  11. Atlanta - Playing for homecourt in the first round of the playoffs, the Hawks beat first-round opponent Boston but then lost at home to New York. Last week: 11.
  12. Denver - For the first time since Feb. 2, the Nuggets are eight games over .500. Last week: 12.
  13. Utah - The Derrick Favors Era hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s fast approaching. Last week: NR.
  14. Phoenix - Going 4-4 in their last eight games would suggest the Suns are highly beatable. But for one game, who knows? Last week: NR.
  15. New York - Amare Stoudamire is back in the lineup. Now we’ll find out if it’s a good thing. Last week: NR.