PK's NBA Top 15 for week of April 4:

With 11 games to go, the Jazz still have plenty of time to jump back in the poll and secure a playoff berth. All it takes is to get on the same roll they were on two weeks ago. The Jazz are literally seconds away from being in a great spot.

  1. San Antonio - With a game against New Orleans on Friday, the Spurs should be on a 10-game winning streak and they start a two-game series with the Jazz, starting Sunday in San Antonio. Last week: 1.
  2. Miami - Big games are the times for great players to shine. In the win over Oklahoma City, LeBron James accounted for 59.2 percent of the Heat’s points. Last week: 4.
  3. Oklahoma City - Herein lies the problem – in the loss to the Heat, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant combined for 58 points, while the other three starters combined for 10 points. Last week: 3.
  4. Chicago - The Bulls are 14-7 without Derrick Rose but have lost three out of their last five games. The Good news is he’s due back this week. Last week: 2.
  5. Lakers - The greats don’t stay down long. Since shooting 3 of 21, Kobe Bryant has made 61 percent of his shots and is averaging 31.7 points a game. Last week: 7.
  6. Memphis - After losing five of six games, the Grizzlies looked like they were left for dead. But they rallied quickly, beating the Thunder and Lakers on the road. Last week: 8.
  7. Indiana - Having gone 8-3 in their last 11 games, the Pacers have moved into third place in the Eastern Conference. Last week: 10.
  8. Clippers - A six-game game winning streak was nice, but the Clippers suffered a huge letdown in a five-point loss to their dreaded crosstown rivals. Last week: 13.
  9. Boston - The momentum gained from a great home win against Miami was evaporated when the Celtics last at home to San Antonio in the next game. Last week: 12.
  10. Dallas - The Mavericks probably won’t be going into the playoffs on a roll. Seven of their final 11 games are on the road. Last week: 9.
  11. Atlanta - The Jazz weren’t the only team that got gassed by playing a four-overtime game. Since that game, the Hawks lost three out of four games before beating hapless Charlotte. Last week: 6.
  12. Orlando - As if losing Dwight Howard to a back injury wasn’t bad enough, the Magic were without Jameer Nelson and Ryan Anderson in a loss to Detroit, which was their fourth loss in a row. Last week: 5.
  13. Houston - With 12 games to go, the Rockets play seven on the road. Last week: 15.
  14. Philadelphia - The Sixers have gone from potentially winning the Atlantic Division to maybe not making the playoffs. That’s when happens when you lose eight out of your last 12 games. Last week: 11.
  15. Denver - The final 12 games are divided evenly between the road and home. Last week: NR