2011 Scouting Reports: Donatas Motiejunas

Donatas Motiejunas

Player: Donatas Motiejunas
Specifics: 7’0 - 215lbs - 20 years old  
Birth date: September 20, 1990
Numbers: -

Game Scouted: -

BACKGROUND: Since 2009 Motiejunas has been playing with the Italian team Benetton Treviso.  He had his best moments in the EuroCup Final Four in 2010-11 scoring 11pts, grabbing 6 rebounds.   He played for the Lithuanian U16, U18  and U20 junior national teams.    He was born in Kaunas Lithuania and has played pro since 2007.

This Lithuanian left hander is higher on the skills chart than some of the previous players we have looked at and a little lower on the motor chart.  He plays huge minutes in the game I scouted.   He is highly skilled and moderately athletic.  He moves very well for a 7 footer. He likes to run and runs well.   He has some nice post moves that will be an asset and is very willing passer. His passing is at an elite level  for a player of his size and age.   At times he is clearly still 20 years old as decision making makes you scratch your head.   He got lost inside the game I saw for an extended period of time.  However, when he came back to life he was obviously the best player on the floor.   Has NBA Skills.  

Highly skilled 20 year 7 footer but is not a physically bruising big man.  Plays the European style, but runs very well for his size.  Not a high flier.   He is a great passer for his position. Could become a legitimate NBA scorer if he adds a solid outside shot. 

Overall: Has an array of moves. He passes off the dribble at a high level for a young player. 

Post Game: Showed both a right and a left hand.  He is a big man with reach.  Will not be finishing over you in the post.   Has a post game and looks comfortable.

Shooting: Shot looks good.  Only took two in the game I saw (both on the video)  Has shot erratically from three this year.  His form looks good and I would guess is an NBA shooter. 

Rebounding: Solid not terrific.  Plays in the post around the rim and willing to get in position.

Passing: Amazingly skilled passer for his position. He makes plays passing the ball.  At times gets ahead of himself and makes too difficult a pass but for the most part sees the floor very well and is patient.   Could be a top 6 passing big the minute he enters the league. 

Picks: doesn’t love contact but is willing to set picks.  Didn’t run a lot of pick and roll.

Understanding: Solid

Overall:This is not his strong suit.  He is not a high motor player.  He is long but doesn’t impact the play above the rim.  He moves well and gets back into position.   He is not going to change games on the defensive end.  In  the European game he is asked to play lots of defense from 20 feet out and holds his own okay.

Post Defense: Very little post defense in the European game.  Not overpowered but not blocking shots.  Holds his position.

On Floor Defense: Pretty good considering he is a 7-footer playing outside.  Not quick but long. Got beat at times.

Movement: Very good for his height.

Pick and Roll D: Shows on the ball handler but at time allows the corner to be turned.

Rebounding: Good not great.  Not out of his area rebounder and not going to be more than a 7 rebound guy in the NBA.

Shot Blocking: Very little for a 7 footer.

Balance: Very skilled for his size
Play Hard: Not always doesn’t finish off plays.  However, at one point he was gassed and really battled through and up and down sequence. 
Feet: Good balance
Pressure: N/A
Attitude: Seemed good.  They didn’t give him the ball as much I would have thought but that is what happens to a rookie in the Europe game.

Best Case Scenario: Pau Gasol / Danilo Gallinari 
Likely Case Scenario: 7-foot Hedo Turkoglu / Greg Monroe
Worst Case Scenario: Never adjusts


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