David Locke's Scouting Report: Gordon Hayward

David Locke will be breaking down potential 2010 NBA Draft candidates to give you the insight that the scouts have heading into the draft.

Gordon Hayward
Gordon Hayward

Height: 6' 8
Weight: 211
Wingspan: 6' 7.75
Reach: 8' 7

Sophomore / Butler / SF / 20-years-old

Numbers: 16 pts; 8 rebs; 46% FG 29.3% from three

Game 1: National Title Game v. Duke
Game 2: v. Georgetown.
Game 3: Elite 8 v. Kansas State

Strength: Tough kid. Battles everything. Fabulous passer. Improves his teammates by getting them in position to have sucess. Versitle. In Butler’s system on one play he is defending in the post on the opposing center (Zoubek or Monroe) and then he is initiating the offense from the top on the other end. Very smart on defensive end. Doesn’t get beat. AthIeticsm is fine.

Weakness: Not clear how he scores in the NBA. Has a jumper that is a bit off his sophomore year. Stop and Pop game doesn’t seem refined and not a great finisher at the rim in traffic.

Best Case Scenario: Mike Dunleavy Jr or Hedo Turkaglo
Likely Scenario: Rudy Fernandez
Worst Case Scenario: Shaun Livingston

Overall: Facilitator. Gets people good looks. Jumper will need to be more consistent. Can play any of three positions 1,2 or 3. Frees himself with the dribble.

Finishing: Concerned that more often than not he passes as he gets close to the rim. He doesn’t challenge length at the rim. Plays off contact, usually drawing the foul. Had a drive down the lane with a vicious two hand finish. Other times he gets to the rim and comes up short, either blocked or just rushed the close look and misses. Not a high percentage at the rim in these game.

Dribble drive: good penetration moves. Has tight handle. Showed strong left hand drive to the basket, also showed a cross over. Wants to go left but will go right. Has a behind the back dribble which he often uses to change direction, not sure if he can get away with that in the NBA. Had a stop and pop but wasn’t able to convert, went left. Gets into the body of defenders and draws the fouls.

Post Game: N/A

Pick and Roll: Plays the passing game well off the pick and roll. Retreated when doubled and brought the defender with him. Quick making the pass to the opposite corner. Rarely see him turn the corner toward the basket.

Jumper: Stop and pop game has a hard time keeping his balance on the jumper. Will need more strength for that. Outside J has good quick release. Jumper doesn’t look comfortable. Shot 44% as a freshman and is struggling in sophomore year.

Handle: Tight solid handle. Able to free himself from defender with dribble but usually uses it then to make a pass rather than convert on his own. Comfortable going to coast to coast. Works well in traffic. Goes into paint with intention to pass, Can run the point in the NBA.

Rebounding: Goes after the ball on the offensive glass. Tried to out muscle some guys and didn’t get. Made highly athletic play flying in through traffic for a finish.

Passing: A fabulous passer. Can pass on the move, off the dribble, in traffic, driving the lane. He moves the ball on the perimeter without hesitation. He is a ball mover rather than a ball stopper. He had a nifty pass on a straight drive down the lane and gave off to the big for a layup. Runs the offense well

Picks: Slips most of them to get in position to get the ball, might be the system

Overall: Executes the game plan. Not afraid of contact. In Butler’s system gets matched against big 7 footers and battles. Rarely gets beat. Only once in the national championship did anyone drive at him and score. Very good court awareness. Gets into passing lanes and makes plays by understanding where the next pass is going to be.

Post Defense: Got matched on Zoubek, Duke’s 7 footer and got overpowered but battled. Battled his butt off. Then got matched on Monroe and same thing battled and even blocked a Monroe shot. Got overpowered on another occastion, but tried to deny pass with a front then swung around to get behind him. Huge effort in a mismatch.

Man on Man: Good position, doesn’t give away driving lanes. Gets overpowered a bit. Rarely gets beat.

Movement: Covers ground well. Gets back to recover. Cut off a drive down the middle and then got back to his man to negate him and he was on the first pass. Good change of direction and recovery.

Pick and Roll D: slide feet well and plays angels well.

Rebounding: EVERY POSSESSION. Battles with body contact on every possession. More of a box out guy then a rebound guy. Often screens out face guarding his man just pushing him out with his back to the basket allowing his teammates to pull down the board.

Shot Blocking: --

Balance: needs some more strength but good athlete who moves well and is almost always in control

Play Hard: really tough kid.

Hands: need to be stronger. Tried to rip ball away on more than one occasion and offensive player out muscled him

Feet: quick and moves well, Former Tennis player and you can tell.

Clutch: No matter the score his team always battled and he was usually in the middle of it. They could be down 10 and they always got the game back in reach.

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