Utah Jazz Email Preferences
Utah Jazz Email Preferences

It’s easy to stay in touch with your Utah Jazz via email throughout the season. Simply enter your contact information and take a minute to check out the email options below, then select the corresponding boxes of those you’d like to receive and click submit. Then you can sit back an enjoy access to the information you want—regular updates on stats, matchups and upcoming events surrounding the Jazz—at your convenience.

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Gameday is your source for pre-game information any time the Utah Jazz take the court. You’ll receive opponent previews, lineup information and last-minute ticket deals for the game, as well as interviews and highlights.

Delivered weekly during the season, this newsletter will provide you with the news, stories and videos surrounding your Utah Jazz. Boost your access to the team by selecting this option.

Gain access to special offers from your Utah Jazz by receiving updates on fantastic ticket offers like mini-packages, 3-game packs and more.

 Partner Offers
The Utah Jazz’s corporate sponsors will bring their deals to you with this email option. Sign up to receive notifications of discounts and special offers from recognizable local companies who support the Utah Jazz.

 44 United
This is the hub for Utah Jazz season ticket holders. Select this option if you’re currently a member of 44 United—and if you’re not, select this option anyway so you can receive info about season tickets and all the perks that accompany a 44 United membership.