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Hot Curry

Boys will compete at just about anything. Sports, video games, general knowledge, movies, girls, whatever. My best friend and I took the competition to a whole new level when we saw a flyer for an Indian restaurant waiting for us outside our college shared home that advertised the ‘Spiciest Curry in Town – We dare you to try it’. Of course, we didn’t need any further encouragement, and half an hour later, we were both sweating over what was indeed, the spiciest chicken curry either of us had ever had. It was less chicken and more chilies. It was so spicy that we spent the first 10 minutes breathlessly gasping for air and the next running to the nearest store to buy a jug of cold milk: really, the only antidote to this assault on our taste buds.

Must be exactly how every defender feels against Steph Curry these days.

For the past three years, Golden State’s Indian co-owner Vivek Ranadive has played a major part in bringing ‘Bollywood Nights’ annually for the Warriors’ fans, which includes Indian cultural dances, food, and performances. In the first year, the organizers also capitalized on the obvious pun in Steph Curry’s last name, handing out fans hilarious ‘Got Curry?’ T-Shirts on the Bollywood Night. Steph’s game was always hot like your favourite ‘spiciest curry in town’; but little did anyone know that the hot-shooting guard would have the entire NBA gasping for breath so soon.

Curry has been red hot in these playoffs, emerging as arguably the best and most exciting player of the post-season so far. Even after an injury to the team’s only All Star – David Lee – Curry carried the sixth-seeded Warriors to an upset win over the third-placed Nuggets, and Golden State is a team that is seriously threatening to shake things up after finding themselves tied 2-2 in the Second Round against the brilliant and experienced Spurs. The Warriors unexpected rise has been the story of these playoffs, and Curry’s hot streaks have been the central plot of that storyline.

Curry was not even named an All Star this season, and Curry seemingly took the snub as a challenge and he elevated his game even further. The highpoint of the regular season could become the greatest three-point shooter of all time, having easily overtaken the likes of three-point greats like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in 3-pointers made at the end of their third-seasons in the league.

In the playoffs, he has upped those averages to 25 points and 8.3 assists per game, finding himself in the top four in both categories in the post-season. He has especially been unstoppable in the third-quarter, where he is now exploding for his patented shooting streaks and reaching the heights of his assault on opposing defenders. In the Game 4 against the Nuggets in the First Round, he had 22 points in an incredible six-minute stretch. Against the Spurs in Game 1, he used a big third quarter to finish with 44 points. These shooting streaks have become one of the world-unifying moments in NBA basketball, getting announced on social media like Breaking News events and halting the basketball world in progress as they witness another special night by a special player.

We are now four games into the Spurs-Warriors Second-Round series, and Curry has been the leading scorer in the series. After the 44-point breakout, Coach Popovich assigned Danny Green to be the primary defender on Curry, and while Green has done an admirable job on the explosive guard, there are still moments when the ‘spiciest curry in the world’ goes on another hot streak.

The Spurs will have to survive these streaks if they hope to win two of the remaining three games against the surprising Warriors. That night in college, my friend and I lost the curry, giving up on the difficult meal just halfway in. The Spurs face an even hotter, more difficult challenge. Can they survive it?