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NBA Masala: The Philadelphia 76ers

Our daily bread is the required nourishment; but there’s nothing better than adding a little flavour to spice things up. Similarly, NBA action on court is the nourishment that we hoop addicts require, but there’s nothing like sprinkling a little masala to bring out the fun side of the league. In the NBA Masala column this season, I will bring you the most entertaining stories, photos, quotes, and videos from each squad around the league.

We resume this series with a spotlight on the most surprisingly successful team of the season so far, the Philadelphia 76ers.

- So what is going on, exactly? After a summer where they traded their All Star point guard for an injured rookie and allowed their former All Star Center to walk away for free, no self-respecting NBA watcher believed that the 76ers were going to be anything but a disaster this season. As a matter of fact, many even believed that they could ‘challenge’ the 1973 76ers for the NBA’s worst-ever record over an 82 game season.

- And then this happened. The 76ers won the first three games of the season, including a memorable opening night win over the reigning champions Miami and a victory against East powerhouses Chicago.

- Philadelphia’s surprising season started with a farewell, as one of their greatest ever guards Allen Iverson officially announced his retirement in an emotional ceremony before their season opener against Miami:

- Sights and sounds from Wells Fargo Center on opening night:

- Iverson played for a few other cities, but he left no doubt that Philadelphia would be his home team forever. “I’ll be a Sixer until the day I die.”

- He also went on Twitter to thank the 76ers organization:

- Celebrate ‘The Answer’s’ memorable career with his top 10 career plays

- Off the court, before the season began, Independence Blue Cross and SIXERS STRONG provided 76 free haircuts to 76ers fans. Even Injured rookie Nerlens Noel got his famous flattop freshened up. Photo Gallery: http://www.nba.com/sixers/photogallery/sixers-strong-philly-cuts

- As one great 76ers guard ended his career, another started his journey to stardom. Rookie Michael Carter-Williams – or MCW for short – had an explosive start to his NBA career, dropping 22 points, 12 assists, seven rebounds and nine steals on the Heat on their opening night victory. MCW continued his hot streak and his stellar play earned him the NBA’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week award. He becomes the first player since Shaquille O’Neal back in 1992 to win player of the week to start off his NBA career!

- And in the course of this hot start, he earned his very first NBA nickname too, “The Hyphen”.

- Philadelphia deservedly found themselves atop the NBA’s Power Rankings after Week One.

- 76ers lost their first game to Golden State, and will find it challenging to keep up their hot start from this point. But the team has shown the spirit to rebuild positively. For Philadelphia fans, the #TogetherWeBuild hashtag has become a rally cry for this season.