A Brief History of Finals Game Sevens
NBAE via Getty Images
One game to rule them all.

Everything that happened in the past – each team's previous Finals history, the 82 games in this year’s regular season, the matchups, the injuries, the MVP award, the All Star appearances, the six Finals games before this – won’t matter.

The NBA championship, and the legacies of some of the best players of our time, has come down to just one game. There will be a Game 7 to the NBA Finals between the Spurs and the Heat. It will be the NBA equivalent of an Olympic or World Cup Final. Within one 48-minute game, we will have an NBA champion.

And while we wait, let's take a brief look back and recount the Game 7s of the NBA Finals in the last 40 years.
-- Gallery by Karan Madhok, NBA India