Future is Now – The NBA’s Top 5 under 25
NBAE/Getty Images
No. 5: James Harden
If Harden had stayed in Oklahoma City, he perhaps may not have blossomed to become the superstar that he’s now becoming in Houston. But if he had stayed in OKC, the Thunder would’ve continued to boast a lineup of four of the best 15-20 under 25 players in the league. Harden always had the talent, but his reduced role in OKC kept him away from the limelight and the big numbers. Now in Houston, the 23-year-old has been ripping it, averaging 26.4 points per game (upping his average by almost 10 points from last season) in the rapidly improving Rockets. The search for the league’s ‘next best shooting guard’ – after years of Kobe and Wade – is over.