Top 5 NBA Stats Questions

Q: Seven games in this year’s first round have gone to overtime. What is the record for most overtime games in a single playoff round?

A: Seven overtime games is a new NBA record. The previous high was six overtime games, which occurred in the opening round of the 2006 playoffs.

Q: Three of the first four games in the Blazers-Rockets series and the Grizzlies-Thunder series have gone to overtime. How many other times in NBA history has that occurred – a playoff series in which three of the first four games of a series required an extra period?

A: That had not happened in a NBA playoff series before this year.

Q: How many postseason series have had at least three games go to overtime?

A: Two playoff series this year have had three overtime games – the Rockets/Blazers and Grizzlies/Thunder. Prior to 2014, the only other playoff series in NBA history with at least three overtime games was between the Celtics and Bulls in 2009. In that opening-round series, four games went to overtime – Games One, Four, Five and Six. The Bulls won three of those four OT games (One, Four, Six), but the Celtics won the series in seven games.

Q: Before LaMarcus Aldridge this year, who is the last player with at least 140 points and 45 rebounds in the first four games of the playoffs? (Aldridge has 141 points and 46 rebounds in his first four games of the 2014 playoffs.)

A: Hakeem Olajuwon was the last player with those numbers through four playoff games – Olajuwon scored 150 points and grabbed 67 rebounds in the first four games of the 1988 playoffs. (Those were the only games that Olajuwon played in those playoffs: his Rockets were eliminated by the Mavericks, three games to one, in the first round.)

Q: Stephen Curry made seven three-pointers, grabbed seven rebounds, and was credited with seven assists on Sunday. How many other NBA players have reached all of those levels in a single playoff game?

A: Mookie Blaylock is the only other NBA player with such a line – Blaylock had eight threes, seven rebounds, and nine assists on May 8, 1997, playing for the Hawks at Chicago.