CSM Rob Flaker
US Army

For 23 years you have thought more of your Soldiers than you have of yourself. In the time you do get to yourself you spend it taking care of your family; which loves you more than you know. We are a strong military family today because of your sacrifices doggedness and insistence on being just that; a strong family. There have been countless difficult times through the years. There have been numerous long deployments, missed birthdays and too many lost friends and family. Through it all you persevered with remarkable grace. I know you would think this unremarkable because that is just how you are; and “WHY” you should be selected as the Wells Fargo Yellow Ribbon Soldier. Today you continue to "Soldier On", and are never discouraged. I have witnessed to you facing the most difficult situations. It is when faced with these difficulties that you truly shine. You have helped countless Soldiers and their families never once asking for recognition. Through these difficulties you and your Soldiers become far better Soldiers than they were before. As a Command Sergeant Major you serve to inspire your Soldiers. You provide them the perfect example of what a Command Sergeant Major should be. More importantly you are the perfect husband and father to your two children. They and I love you and what you do. You are the Command Sergeant Major your Soldiers deserve. Your Soldiers and family are proud of you and wish just for a day that you would think about yourself first. I'm sure they wish that something good be done to commemorate all that have you have done for them the nation and or family. Hopefully being selected by Wells Fargo for the Yellow Ribbon Program will give you just a few minutes where you can place yourself first for once. As your wife I know this will be difficult and your mind will be on your Soldiers and your family. We love you and hope you enjoy your night.


Corporal Ariel Davis
US Army

My sister Ariel inspired me to also join the military. She is a very smart, strong, beautiful woman inside and out. She joined the Armed Forces on her 17th birthday. She graduated high school a year early and instead of going to college she joined the U.S Army. After separating the Armed Forces she earned three associate degrees and later graduated from college at North Carolina State University. Her major was Political Science and her dream is to get a Master's in Public Administration and become a lobbyist for the Veterans Administration.

My sister selflessly give her time to fellow veterans who are exiting the military by giving advice on how to apply and use education benefits, as well as connect them with other resources that assist veterans with employment. I am one of the people she has assisted in joining the military, applying for college, and getting a job.

She is truly a blessing to me and our community here in Charlotte, NC.

Master Sergeant TJ Jenkins
US Army

MSG Jenkins,

Service Members are a special breed, often spending more time away than they do at home. More often than not the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform go unnoticed. I have witnessed your commitment to your country, the soldiers you have mentored and lead home from combat and, most importantly, your family. Even though time is often limited, you never neglected your duties as loving husband and father. During the times you were deployed it was challenging. It strained our relationship but as time passed it also made us stronger as couple and a family. Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Your family understands your obligations and respects your passion, commitment and service and to your country. We have supported you through deployments, training exercises and overseas tours. Although you have earned numerous awards in the military, we wanted to give you something extraordinary. Hence, as a token of our appreciation we want to take this time to honor you and tell you how much we appreciate you being a mentor in the home and in the community. Understanding how much you enjoy basketball and love watching the Bobcats at every opportunity, we decided to ask the Charlotte BOBCATS to treat you to a one in a lifetime experience by selecting you for the Wells Fargo Yellow Ribbon Program. The Bobcats organization and us would like to thank you for your 22 years of dedication to your country and for being a loyal Bobcat Fan.

Your wife - Kecia,
And kids - Trevor, Tia, and Nyasia Jenkins

Staff Sergeant Albert Thompson
US Army

Thank you for being amazing husband, father and soldier. Being a military family is not an easy life, but you have made it worth living. Because of the sacrifices you have made our family has had many great opportunities and experiences that some can only dream of. In the past six years we have had our challenges with deployments, training exercise and, most challenging of all, shift work! The countless nights we only saw each other in passing put its strain on our family, but your strength and conviction got us through those challenging times. You performed your duty to family and country simultaneously at great cost to yourself. Without doubt there were times you would have preferred to stay home in bed catching up on sleep after a 12 hour shift. However, you put the needs and wants of our family above your own and spent time taking our family fun places. Through it all you have been a strong and ever present figure in mine and our children's life. You provide strength and courage for our family when things are uncertain or unknown. I have full faith and confidence in you as partner, father, non-commissioned officer, and soldier. As your military career draws close to its end I pray to God that we will have a long and lasting life together as we transition into civilian life.

Thank you for all that you do for our family and country.

With all our love,

Beck, Ashley and Amber

Sergeant Alan Suggs
NC Army National Guard

Sergeant Alan Suggs' commitment to service in the North Carolina Army National Guard for the last 9 years is exemplary, and his love of country and Bobcats basketball is unmatched. His dedication to recruiting and training the future generation of soldiers is an invaluable asset to this great nation and the city of Charlotte. He lives the Seven Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. While deployed to Iraq in 2009, he lost sleep to be awake early enough to catch his beloved Charlotte Bobcats play basketball via the internet or on the Army Forces network when available. Though he was certainly tired the following day, he never failed to complete his mission with precision and professionalism.

In the summer of 2012, SGT Suggs began a new career within the North Carolina Army National Guard as a recruiting and retention noncommissioned officer. This was a challenging change of pace from his previous jobs of artillery and human resources, but he seamlessly moved into his new role without skipping a beat and achieved his yearly mission at well over 100%. He recruits top quality soldiers and trains them prior to basic training so that they are well prepared for the challenges to come. Because of this, his soldiers have had a perfect completion rate at basic training and many have graduated with honors. In his personal life, he is a husband and proud father to three Bobcats fans! Between the career, family, and die-hard fanaticism for sports, he is finishing his Bachelor's degree in history from Ashford University. Once he has completed his time and mission with the Army National Guard he dreams of teaching American history in high school. Hoah, Sergeant Alan P. Suggs!