Stay Active Recap

This spring, the Bobcats and Cats Care foundation partnered with BlueCross BlueShield for their annual Stay Active program. The organizations have teamed up to encourage children to engage in healthy activities leading to healthy lifestyle choices in the future. Read the Story
Stay Active Clinic - Week 5

The Lady Cats visited the Milton Road Boys and Girls Club to teach the Stay Active participants about teamwork. The ladies talked about their roles on the Bobcats Dance team and then participated in several interactive, team building activities with the kids. All the Stay Active participants were working hard so they can attend a Bobcats game during the final week of Stay Active! View Gallery
Stay Active Clinic - Week 4

Bobcats player Jeff Adrian paid a visit to the West Blv. Boys and Girls Club for Week 4 of Stay Active. He spoke to the children about how he stays healthy and fit before he, Rufus, and the Lady Cats engaged the kids in several games involving exercise, nutrition, and teamwork! View Gallery
Stay Active Clinic - Week 3

Kids at the Marsh Rd. and Milton Rd. Boys and Girls Club continue to Stay Active! This week, the participants took advantage of the warm weather on Tuesday and focused on improving their balance and coordination outside. On Thursday the Boys and Girls Club directors made the kids work for their healthy snack by putting them through a series of drills to increase their speed and agility. View Gallery
Stay Active Clinic - Week 2

Stay Active participants at the Belmont Ave. Boys and Girls Club receive a special visit from Bismack Biyombo, Rufus, and the Lady Cats, all of whom helped the kids through their Stay Active exercises. View Gallery
Stay Active Clinic - Week 1

Children at the Marsh Road Boys and Girls Club begin a six week program focused on exercise and nutrition. This week, the children went through several drills designed to get their hearts pumping and their minds. View Gallery
Bobcats players talk about the importance of keeping kids healthy and active through the Stay Active clinics presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shied of North Carolina.
Jeff Adrien

Brendan Haywood

Gerald Henderson

Hakim Warrick