Gerald Wallace Injury Update

Gerald Wallace Injury Update

NEW UPDATE - January 30, 2009

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Gerald Wallace scored 15 points before leaving
Tuesday's game against the Lakers.

Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace was released from Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles Thursday night after having a chest tube removed that supported the lung, which is now fully healed. Wallace remains in the Los Angeles area and will meet with a cardiothoracic surgeon on Monday, at which time it will be determined when he will be able to travel back to Charlotte.

Wallace had the tube inserted into his left chest Tuesday night after being diagnosed with having 30-40 percent of his lung collapsed and a non-displaced fracture of the fifth rib. The injury occurred after Wallace was fouled by Lakers center Andrew Bynum as he drove the lane with 2:22 left to play in the fourth quarter of the Bobcats 117-110 double-overtime victory over the Lakers at Staples Center.

January 28, 2009

NOTE: An email address – – has been established to enable fans to send ‘get well’ wishes to Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace, who remains in a Los Angeles-area hospital tonight. Emails sent to this address will be printed and delivered directly to Wallace upon his return to Charlotte.

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Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace was diagnosed with having 30-40 percent of his left lung collapsed and a non-displaced fracture of the fifth rib following a CT-Scan at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles.

He did not accompany the team to Portland.

Wallace had a chest tube inserted into the lung to help restore it to functional capacity, but will remain in the hospital over the next 48 hours for observation.

Additional information about his progress and a timetable for his return will be updated in the coming days ahead.

The injury occurred after Wallace was fouled by Lakers center Andrew Bynum as he drove the lane in the fourth quarter with 2:22 left to play in regulation. He was immediately taken off the floor and received x-rays at the arena. Preliminary pictures were inconclusive, which prompted Lakers team physicians to arrange the additional examination.

The Bobcats defeated the Lakers at Staples Center in double-overtime 117-110.

lakers fan
get well soon

Players play too rough, especially if their team is losing. Hope to see Gerald back soon.

Andrew Bynum is such a dirty player and the league should do sth to him

Fouls like those, players should be suspended for a game along with a fine. Giving out a fragrant foul or being kicked out of the game doesn't seem to work for some players. It's like a slap on a wrist and you move and do the same thing again on the next game.

I hope he gets better immediately.

Gerald, May you be blessed with a full recovery. Take your time in getting back, but don't let this stop you from taking it strong to the basket.

Get well soon, GW

Bynum should be fined and suspended. Where do you draw the line on how hard you foul someone just to prevent them from scoring? My best friend had a partial lung collapse so I know this could be very bad for Geralds future.

top S.E.C.
There are some dirty players in L.A. and last night just confirmed in bynum and bryants actions. Get well soon G Dub.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Gerald and his family. His hit was clearly a very intentional foul which any player who has been on a court for years playing should know would be damaging. I hope the league addresses this quickly and severely so that these type plays are not allowed to happen. We will greatly miss you on the court, get well soon.

I am sending my prayers to G.Wallace for a speedy recovery. God Bless You.

i think we need to make a trade to get someone who is decent but can still fill his shoes for now. there are: Thabo Sefolosha, Walter Hermann, Matt Harpring, Morris Almond, Rodney Carney, Mike Miller, Marco Bellinelli, or Sonny Weems. any of these players can be traded for Alexis Ajinca, Sean May, & if need be Sean Singletary.

Bella Bcat
Gerald get better quick, we need you. The Lakers are upset because we came in and took over their house, gorilla style. Go Bobcats!
Your Girl Bella

My family and I are always attending the home games, the team has really improved tremendously. I am praying for Geralds' recovery. I think Bynum should be fined for this.

bynum is a punk

im a laker fan.. im so sorry to hear that thou.. the bobcats are ballin since the trade of diaw and bell..thy enow in a hunt of th 8th playoffs spot. hope to see Crash soon again on the court. my apologies for what bynum cost.

Gerald mentioned his faith in GOD prior to the start of the game. I am prayful for a speedy recovery for such a committed and talented player.

that was a nasty hit,great game last night though., get better fast gerald, your team needs yya!

Best wishes G Force. We appreciate you and pray for a speedy recovery! Go Cats!

Get well, Gerald! You're the heart and soul of this team. We love watching you play. The 'Cats fans are thinking about you. Best - Jiff65

Gerald, we're all rooting for you! Get some rest and get well soon. You've a great career to continue, so take some time to heal up and we'll be cheering you on, soon enough.


NBA players like race car drivers have to be able to trust the other players not to kill or maim them. Bynum's actions broke that line of trust. He should be suspended indefinitely at the minimum. Great job by the other Bobcats for focusing and winning the game.
Get Well Soon Gerald!

"Andrew Bynum is such a dirty player"...I agree~
It's completly unnecessary and it's not an accident...Accident cannot be avoid but this could be avoided if Bynum use his head alittle bit more... Bynum should apologize to everyone who witness this, apologize to Wallace's family, and apologize to his own family... What a shame NBA tolerates behavior like this...

I am a Lakers fan and I hope Gerald Wallace gets better soon:( I pray for your good health and hope you recover to your awesome ways. Such a powerful player. Such brilliance. Your short absense will be missed. Getter Better

bobcat ben
get well geralrd. the nba should suspend bynum indefintely. his suspension should be at least 2x the time wallace is out. without pay and a HUGE fine

Definatley an uncalled for hit on bynums part, and i understand hard fouls but the line needs to be drawn somewhere. My prayers go out to you GW on a speedy recovery and a great win for your ballclub in spite of the malicious foul.

the dude
Bynum should definitely should be suspended for at least one game if not more. Get better G Wall

that is another dirty foul by bynum in the last couple weeks. Instead of trying to get a blocking foul, and put him to the line, he throws hims arms, hard, into Gerald ribs whiles he is in the air... then shows no remorse, just a sullen introverted look...

reggie the vintage fan
awww, mann, not only was gerald my favorite player in the NBA, but he is also one of the most underratted players in the league. thoughts and prayers. get well soon. anything to get you back on the court.

Gerald, hope your well soon, I'm praying for you and your family. Your my fav player on the Bobcats!

Gerald - I hope you feel better. You're a true team player...

Pistol Pete
Bynum is so dirty, good thing Bobcats got the win though. Get well soon G-Force!

I hope Gerald Wallace gets better soon. I wish him the best of luck in his recovery time. I'm glad the good guys won. Gerald's comrads stood up for him, and the Bobcats beat the evil Lakers.

Yo Gerald, I Hope You Get Better & Feel Better Soon And Hopefully We Make The Playoff This Year!

I hope Wallace recover soon, god bless you, you are such a great defender and all around player! NBA should punish players who commit flagrant foul like these, such as suspension without pay for several games! I mean NBA has so many small rules on ticky tag fouls, and they do nothing about THESE KINDS OF DIRTY PLAYS. I hate seeing player get hurt especially intentionally, you can clearly see BYNUM NOT going after the ball, but just trying to hurt someone. Everyone can beat anyone if their intention is to hurt someone. That is just not competitive sport.

Axel 7 years old
I hope that you feel better soon so you can get back in action. You are my favorite player on the team. Axel

that was an accident first of all, we are sorry what andrew did, but hey, that's the game. it can happen to one of the lakers too.they know it's a tough game to, stop blaming andrew for what he did. i don't think....wait...i know he didn't do it on chill.

Andruw Bynum plays good...but his actions last night was uncalled for. He took is frustrations out on Gerald. Im prayin for my boy and i look foward to seein him back on the court

i will keep him in our prayers

bcat boy

G Wall... get better dude, we're allpulling for you. And yes, Bynum played dirty, but everyone's gotta relax with this suspension stuff. It happened, move on. You seen players like Melo or Nowitzki who got flagrants and they didn't get suspended. Thereare tons of other people who receive flagrants (just google it)... So relax with the suspension and fines.

young prayer
ah man, sorry for Bynum's action. I hope this outstanding player, Gerald Wallace, gets well soon.

I agree with everyone, he should be suspended indefinitely and get hit with a huge fine.. I wish you well GW!WE NEED YOU OUT THEREIm glad the team pulled it together and kicked the lakers butts! Love you bobcats!!!

Williams Family
You are in our thoughts and prayers, Gerald. Praying for a speedy recovery and continued success.

Always been a fan of yours, sad to see you hurt. Feel better Gerald. I look forward to seeing you dominating once again in the near future.

trust me this wont stop gerald wallace from going strong in the basket...he's one of the toughest players in the surprise nobody voted him in the all star game...

I am a huge Laker fan..i am sorry about what happened to Gerald Wallace but come on your player was also called for a flagrant on Pau this type of thing happens but because he ended up in the hospital Andrew is made out to be a villin.. i hope and pray he gets healthy and back to playing soon

bless you Gerald - You will be back

Get well soon GW, hope you have a speedy recovery.

very sad to see this happen,all laker fans are praying for your recovery, we apologize on bynum's behalf, get well soon

charlotte fan
You're absence is going to be missed on the court, you're the heart and soul of this team. But more importantly we're not worried about the Bobcats we just hope you get well soon

Hey G-Force hope you have a speedy recovery Man. Get well soon Brotha. You play with heart. You're the best player that the Bobcats have in my opinion. I'm sure your team will play harder in your absence. Take care and God Bless.

Get well soon Gerald! I'm a Laker fan, but also a fan of basketball itself. You're a great player and I hope to see you on the court again real soon!Here's to a speedy recovery.


I believe in you! Because you have a resolute heart!!!!!!

hope you will be fine,God bless you!!

I'm a Laker fan and was watching you guys run through us the other night. I am sorry that things got out of control and hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive Bynum. You're a great player and I can't wait to see you back on the court. Get well soon and may God continue to bless you.

First off let me send out a get well soon to GW and wish him a speedy recovery. He's a great player and as an NBA fan, I hate to see stuff like that happen. Secondly, Bynum is NOT a dirty player for those of you who have been calling him out as a dirty player. He has absolutely no history of that and he simply tried to wrap GW up and prevent him from going to the basket. The consequence was unfortunate, but Bynum just didn't want to give up the easy basket.

I'm sorry to hear your accident.I'm a NBA fan in China.I knew little about you before, except for your perfect dunk show in NBA All Star Weekends.But I love your games very much now.You're brave,you can score,rebound,assist,steal and block.You're most valuable player in my view!I hope you get well and return back soon deeply. Good luck!

God bless Gerald Wallace, God bless Bobcats.

Gerald, we appreciate your aggressiveness and look forward to you getting the Bobcats back in the Playoff race!!! G.W. (Get Well) GO CATS

get well soon wallace i hate bynum

get better Gerald. you can do it!

Are u guys for real? dirty players in LA? LOL this is the nba. These are 7ft 250 pound men banging off each other for 82 games. This does happen. But for real, if it was Drew that got hurt would u cats fans be calling Wallace a dirty player?

WOW bro. you can take a hit. get well, cause da NBA needs ya.

I hope u get well soon Wallace. I go watch u guys everytime u come to LA n Root for yall all the way n seeing u go down was harsh....

Just another foul in the NBA. Everyone stop crying it was not dirty. He's a big man, Gerald is a small guard. It's going to keep happening. That's why they get paid the amount they get paid. GET OVER IT!!! Get better G.W.

Gerald you the best i am a bobcats and a lakers fan and i was upset he did that you are one of my favorite bocats after Raymond Felton and Emeka Okafor i hope you get well in Jesus name love you Muhammed from Greensboro

Thank you putting it all out there every night, and on every possession. You are throwback my man. I really hope that you recover fully. But, take your time before you get back out there. I know you like to play COD so if you want to play hit me up on the PS3. My PSN is DEFTFUNDAMENTALZ

youre the man. i go to every home game just to watch you. you are the best EVER! i hope you get well soon and get back on the court... im not going to a game until you get back out there! love your BIGGEST FAN!

God bless you Gerald,hope you will be fine!

Stephen from Hong Kong
God bless Gerald. Get well soon. I really appreciate your hardwork and 120% contribution during every game. Respect and support you forever!

where do you people get your facts from? who's a dirty player? bynum? bryant? even your own coach says that it wasnt intentional or that those guys dont have a history of being overly aggressive. get it straight

GW!! Wish you come back soon

Gerald, get well! You've carried this team alot and your leadership is unmatched. Here's to hoping you get back to the court soon and you remain a Bobcat for many years to come!!!

As far as Bynum goes, he's not a dirty player. It was an accident. In the position GW was in, he could have done much worse. He's a big slower guy that turned just as Wallace was colliding with him. Unfortunately, he was too slow to get his hands up to defend, and the elbow caught Gerald, creating the injury. I'm not defending Bynum, I'm just saying that we are going to hurt without GW, but Bynum doesn't have a history of "taking out" star players. I think even Coach Brown would agree with this.

G Force forever
Andrew's move was unfortunate, not intelligent but not intentional either. You've been through a lot Gerald, and always showed incredible capacities to rise again. The team will stand up for you and play harder now. You will rise again, higher than ever. Star like you never stop shining. Hope the best for your recovery

dega boy
I've followed your career from C'burg to Charlotte, and this is just a minor set back on your road to greatness. Keep up the good work and may God bless you.

Gerald ! u ARE the Charlotte teams soul, stuff like this will always happen. But thats because u play so hard, cant wait to see u back in the line-up.

Dr. Hoopz
The league misses your flare for the game, get well soon, we all will be cheering for you on your return. The Hoopz Staff wishes you much love from Los Angeles Hoopz.

Teams like the LAL take it seriously and not-so-graciously when they're losing, and then they unleash it out on who deserves it less. Get well soon Gerald, at least you'll know he injured you just because you were too good for him.

i didn't mean to talk about trade talks when gerald is hurt, so i apologize for that. gerald has been my favorite player since his days at Alabama & in sacramento when he did that insane dunk during the game. ever since the bobcats started and he was on the team the bobcats have been my only team i love; best wishes to gerald and his family. but i still do feel strong about gettin a player to help our team while gerald is healing and getting ready to get back in the line up. we cant afford to lose games, or everything gerald & the rest of our players did would be for nothing.

Your my favorite NBA player no doubt. I really hope you have a full recovery and get well soon. I have tried to go about getting to meet you at the Time Warner Cable Arena. Please do not let this injury keep you from driven the lane.

I just went to see you play against the Suns and thought you were awesome as usual. May thoughts and prayers are truly with you and your family. I hope you have a speedy recovery. The Bobcats are not the same without you. WE LUV YOU MANNNNN!!!!

Bobcats Fan
It's terrible that gerald was hurt, especially when the Bobcats were making a bit of a run in the playoff race, and I hope he gets well soon, as for Bynum, ya'll should know that he waited outside the Bobcat's bus to apologise to Gerald, and when he didn't show up, he apologised to Coach Brown. That was a hard foul, but I don't think that Bynum is a dirty player

get well will be in our prayer for a fast recovery the team needs ya and the fans need ya too.

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