Take Timeout Program Passes 25,000-Hour Goal

Take Timeout Program Passes Goal of 25,000 Volunteer Hours
Bobcats, Wells Fargo Set New Goal of 40,000 Hours

March 30, 2012

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Bobcats Sports & Entertainment President & COO Fred Whitfield announced today that the Take Time Out partnership between Cats Care and Wells Fargo has surpassed its goal of 25,000 hours of community service by the end of the regular season.

“This is a fantastic achievement for our organization, Wells Fargo and those members of the general public who supported the Take Time Out initiative,” Whitfield said. “We are elated to not only have reached our goal of 25,000 community service hours, but to have done so with one month left in the season. We greatly appreciate everyone who logged their hours to help us with this endeavor.”

Bobcats Sports & Entertainment will commemorate the achievement and thank participating volunteers with a Take Time Out Party on Time Warner Cable Arena’s Trade Street Plaza prior to the game against Sacramento on Sunday, April 22. As a part of the celebration, all volunteers who committed hours to the program will receive a free ticket to that night’s game.

“We want to thank every volunteer and participating agency for their support of the Bobcats’ first ever Take Time Out Program,” said Kendall Alley, Wells Fargo Community Banking Regional President for Charlotte. “Wells Fargo congratulates the team on exceeding the volunteer goal of 25,000 hours that we set at the beginning of the season. It speaks volumes to have the community support this effort in such a positive way. We’ve seen projects big and small with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds logging their hours online and rallying around our Bobcats. Thanks to everyone that created projects on their own or joined the team for a Cats Care-themed project. What a great win for the Bobcats and our local community as a whole.”

In addition, Bobcats Sports & Entertainment has increased the goal to 40,000 community service hours by the end of the regular season on April 26. Volunteers can continue to log on to www.bobcats.com/taketimeout to record their hours and find out how to get involved by viewing a list of community service opportunities and other volunteer events.

The last chance to volunteer at a Take Time Out Big Project is April 21 at Independence High School. Information on that project is available at www.handsoncharlotte.org/TakeTimeOut

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