2009-10 Season Ticket Pricing Announced


2009-10 Season Ticket Pricing Announced

March 9, 2009

Bobcats Sports & Entertainment (BSE) President and Chief Operating Officer Fred Whitfield announced today the team’s pricing structure for Season Ticket Holders for the 2009-10 season. Highlighted by price reductions in six of nine 100 Level sections, season ticket prices will come down an average of 17% next season, and a new $30 price point in the 100 Level has been created.

"In a challenging economy like this we know that direction of team, the benefits package and financial incentives are central to the decision to renew season tickets," said Whitfield. "Our team has never been better on the court, our benefits package has never been stronger, and our early renewal incentives are unprecedented. The offer has to be compelling in this climate, and we believe the value proposition we're offering for next season is the best it's ever been."

The enhanced benefits package for 2009-10 includes credits towards the purchase of additional regular season single game tickets at season ticket rates, concession stand discounts and more access to players and exclusive events. Incentives to renew by March 31 include free parking for 100 Level seat holders, payment options for potential 2009 playoff games and entry into a sweepstakes throughout the month. Nine sweepstakes drawings will take place for prizes like a road trip with the team, golf with front office personnel and all-inclusive preseason game experiences in Greensboro, NC and Charleston, SC in October.

For the second consecutive year, payment plans will be offered ranging from pay-in-full to nine-payment options. Season Ticket Holders opting to pay-in-full will receive 5% cash back if payment is received by May 31, 2009. The pay-in-thirds option will return 3% back to Season Ticket Holders, and is interest-free along with the nine-payment plan.

Renewal packages, including a letter from coach Larry Brown and an arena map showing the new prices in the 100 Level, are scheduled for delivery to Season Ticket Holders Wednesday. The renewal campaign will last until June 15, before the annual seat relocation event held the following day.

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