Bobcats to Pick 9th, 19th and 39th in 2011 NBA Draft

Bobcats to Pick 9th, 19th and 39th in 2011 NBA Draft

May 17, 2011

History of the 9th, 19th and 39th Picks | 2011 Bobcats Draft Central

The Charlotte Bobcats will have the 9th and 19th selections in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft, to be held Thursday, June 23, in New Jersey. The Bobcats also have the 39th overall pick, giving the team three of the top 40 selections in this year’s draft.

The Bobcats had a 1.7 percent chance of securing the first pick, and a less than 3.0 percent chance of getting a pick in the top three entering tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery.

"We know how important this draft is to our future," said Bobcats General Manager Rod Higgins. "The possibilities are endless and we will explore every option available to ensure we acquire players that have the potential to make a positive impact on our team. Having three of the top 40 picks is also a nice luxury to have."

Over the past three NBA Drafts, the Bobcats used their first round lottery selections on guards D.J. Augustin (9th overall, 2008) and Gerald Henderson (12th overall, 2009) in consecutive years. The Bobcats did not own a pick in 2010.

Notable #9 NBA Draft picks since 1985 include Tracy McGrady (1997), Dirk Nowitzki (1998), Amar’e Stoudemire (2002) and Joakim Noah (2007). Notable #19 NBA Draft picks include Zach Randolph (2001), J.J. Hickson (2008) and Jeff Teague (2009). Notable #39 NBA Draft picks include 2010-11 NBA All-Rookie First Team selection Landry Fields and 2009-10 NBA All-Rookie Second Team selection Jonas Jerebko.