Cho, Polk to Represent Bobcats at 2012 NBA Draft Lottery
Charlotte Has 25.0% Chance at Receiving No. 1 Pick in May 30 Drawing

May 23, 2012

Charlotte Bobcats General Manager Rich Cho will represent the team on stage and Vice Chairman Curtis Polk will be the team’s participant in the lottery room for the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery, to be held Wednesday, May 30, at the Disney/ABC Times Square Studios in New York. The NBA Draft Lottery will be televised on ESPN starting at 8:00 p.m. The Bobcats have a 25.0 percent chance of securing the first pick, a 21.5 percent chance at the second pick, a 17.7 percent chance at the third pick and a 35.8 percent chance at the fourth pick. The team can finish no lower than fourth.

While this will be Cho’s first time representing a team on stage, he has been a lottery room participant on several occasions, most notably in 2007 when his Seattle SuperSonics moved up from the fifth-worst record to the second pick where they later selected Kevin Durant.

The Bobcats have participated in the NBA Draft Lottery six times previously and have received a pick in the top three only once, in 2006, when they had the league’s third-worst record. The Bobcats have remained in the same place as the final standings on three other occasions – picking eighth in 2007, 12th in 2009 and ninth in 2011 – and have dropped in the draft order twice, receiving the fifth pick in 2005 after finishing with the third-worst record and the ninth pick in 2008 after finishing with the eighth-worst record. In 2004, the team was assigned the fourth pick as part of its expansion agreement but sent that pick to the Los Angeles Clippers as part of a trade to acquire the second overall pick.

The last team to secure the No. 1 pick after finishing with the league’s worst record was the Orlando Magic in 2004. Since then, the team with the worst record has received the second pick three times, the third pick once and the fourth pick three times.

The Bobcats also announced that John Hartman of Charlotte has been selected from over 4,000 entries as the winner of the Lucky Fan Contest on Hartman and a guest will receive a trip for two to New York from May 29-31 and will have lunch with Cho the afternoon of the Draft Lottery.


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