Bobcats unveil new jerseys

Bobcats unveil new jerseys

September 21, 2009

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Basketball and the Carolinas have always gone hand-in-hand. From Tobacco Road to Charleston, basketball legends were made here and some of the game's biggest names hail from these parts. Located at the crossroads of the Carolinas, Charlotte has seen much of that history firsthand as home to the region's only NBA teams, and host to some of college basketball's biggest moments.

It's that connection between storied past and the game's present that provided the inspiration for the Bobcats' new uniform, unveiled today exclusively at Reflecting both the tradition of basketball in the Carolinas and the maturation of the NBA's youngest franchise, this new look represents the next step in the Bobcats' evolution, while paying homage to the players and teams that have come before it.

Juxtaposing history and modernity in a style that would appeal to all generations of basketball fans was the challenge laid out to design teams from the Bobcats and NBA uniform manufacturer Adidas. Their response was right on the money.

Modern materials meet timeless pinstripes.

Contemporary fonts meet history-invoking marks.

Avant garde orange meets classic blue.

The new Bobcats uniform is here, officially bringing basketball's past and present together in one new look.

Shop the Bobcats online store today and be among the first to own this piece of Carolinas' basketball history. And wear it with pride because that's what it's made of.

ajnyr777 (Monsey, NY)
These are sick!!!! I'm buying both of them ASAP

Pocket Lint (Greenville, NC)
I Really Like the New Jersey, Speaking of "New Jersey" It Kind of reminds me of the Nets a little bit, But the Pin stripes are classic it seems almost a homage to the Classic Charlotte Hornets. Let's Face it, Pin Stripes Belong in Charlotte!

brilla (Suffolk, VA)
they are nice but they remind of the UConn jerseys

gotsa42 (Southern California)
they look more like hardware uniforms from the past, but i'm pretty sure i like them better than the old ones

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