Quotes from Big Al

Read what Hornets center Al Jefferson had to say after being named to the All-NBA Third Team

(On the transformation of the franchise)
“It’s a wonderful feeling. Last year, people said I took a chance when I came here but when I came, I knew that there was a chance that we could be where we are right now or maybe even better. Now, I’m hoping that other guys will see that at one point this was the place to be when the Hornets were here. I hope that the guys in the league recognize and see that we try to make big things happen here in Charlotte and they can come help get this team where it needs to be.”

(On if he has recruited other players)
“Who says I haven’t? I had guys last year that came to me and said they could see themselves coming here. I have guys calling me asking me how the coach is and wanted me to confirm what they heard about how great Coach Clifford is. I’ve had a lot of phone calls within the last two months of the season all the way up to now about Charlotte and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The team is there. Guys are taking Charlotte serious now and that’s a wonderful feeling to have to know that people want to come here to help turn this team around.”

(On the history of the Hornets)
“I remember Larry Johnson, the colors of the jersey, everybody I knew had a Hornets Starter jacket or a basketball jersey. It never felt the same when they went to New Orleans. It was great for me when they got in the league in ’04 for New Orleans. My family could come watch me play but the Hornets are always made for Charlotte. When I found out when I signed here last year that they were going back to the Hornets, I was very happy to have a chance to be a part of that. With everything leading up to this season, the way we played and had a good season, I just really can’t wait until opening night here with the Hornets. I can only imagine how crazy and loud it’s going to be. I am very excited to be a part of all of that.”

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