Secondary Logo Extends Team Brand Identity

August 21, 2004

The Bobcats have introduced a secondary logo as part of the team’s brand identity. The announcement was made in conjunction with the team’s unveiling of their new uniforms.

“The Charlotte Bobcats secondary logo allows us to extend our brand identity with a mark that works well within a variety of realms, from fan apparel and merchandise to uniforms, promotional pieces and advertising,” said Ed Tapscott, president and chief operating officer of the Bobcats. “This will be a great alternative mark to the primary Charlotte Bobcats logo, which we introduced in June of 2003.”

The secondary logo builds off the equity established in the primary and partial logo. The mark includes the same Bobcats Orange side-profile bobcat with distinctive pinned-back ears as in the primary logo, and it maintains the team’s unique color palette of Bobcats Orange, Bobcats Blue, black and silver.

Located within a silver basketball outlined with the team’s Bobcats Blue and black, the secondary logo emphasizes the ferocity of the bobcat with a focus on the eyes, teeth and nose. Because it does not include the team’s wordmark, the new logo can face left or right and offers the team more flexibility in branding initiatives.