Lady Cat Brittany on American Idol - 1/18/11

Lady Cat Brittany on American Idol

By Mark Kern
January 18, 2012

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Sometimes it only takes one person to realize the potential someone has and help them to reach it.

Lady Cat Brittany Kerr was cruising around in her car this summer with her friend and fellow Lady Cat Rhema, when the band Pussycat Dolls came on the radio. The two joined in and it didn’t take long for Rhema to realize Brittany’s talents.

"I heard Brittany belting it out and I told her, you can genuinely sing," said Rhema. "She was all bashful saying she couldn't sing, but I kept telling her she could genuinely sing."

Once Rhema heard Brittany singing, she was convinced – Brittany had to try out for American Idol. Brittany tried to play it off at first, telling Rhema there was no way she was good enough to make that leap, but with some more prodding from her friend, Brittany finally decided to give it a shot.

"I have always been a huge fan of music. I think I just did a lot of singing, in my room, in my car and by myself," she said. "I started to realize I had a chance to take my singing a step further, so I decided to go on Idol."

Once she decided to tryout of for American Idol, it was off to Savannah, Georgia, where she made quite an impression on judge Steven Tyler. Kerr had just walked onto the stage when Tyler all of a sudden said, "I say yes!"

Even though this was a boost of confidence, Kerr still had to sing for the three judges. The song she decided to sing was "Spoiled" by Joss Stone.

Randy Jackson cast the first vote and, like Tyler, was impressed with Kerr and voted for her to move on.

The next judge, Jennifer Lopez, was not as impressed as the other judges and voted against Kerr going to Hollywood.

This left the final decision up to Tyler, and her performance did not change his opinion, as he again voted for Kerr to get her golden ticket.

This means Kerr is moving on to the Hollywood round, and she could not hide her excitement, along with the many people with her supporting her throughout her incredible journey watching at Strike City in the Epicentre on Wednesday night.

"I am super excited. As you guys just saw, I got my ticket to Hollywood," she beamed. "I am here with all my friends and family and they are supporting me."

As great as the accomplishment is for Brittany, it's also another accomplishment for NBA's Back-to-Back Most Popular Dance Team, the Lady Cats.

"This is bringing so much attention to our team and organization," said Rhema. "Brittany was already a star, and now we get to see her on a different stage in a totally different light. We are trying to achieve so many goals and it is truly a blessing, and we could not be more proud of her."

Now it's off to Hollywood, where Brittany will again showcase her talent to the country. How far will she go? Make sure to check your local listings and tune to FOX to watch American Idol.