Lauer Sounds Off: Nine Observations Heading Into New Year

By Scott Lauer
December 27, 2012

Scott Lauer is the radio play-by-play voice of the Charlotte Bobcats. His column will appear on on Thursdays throughout the season. The opinions expressed here are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Bobcats organization.

We’re a third of the way through the season, and I’ll offer some random observations - some are a reflection of what we’ve seen throughout the year and others are more applicable to current events.

1. Kemba Walker is the MVP of the team, with Ramon Sessions a close second. Walker is averaging over 18 points and six assists, with two steals per game (ranked 8th in the league). He’s becoming a serious threat from the arc as the season has progressed, lifting his percentage closer to 35 percent after it sat in the 20’s for most of the season.

2. Ramon Sessions is averaging a free throw for every five minutes of game action; a positive ratio for earning easy points – and he shoots 84 percent at the line, capitalizing on those opportunities. He’s averaging 20 points over the last three games.

3. Hakim Warrick took advantage of a starting opportunity last night, producing 18 points and nine rebounds in the Miami game, replacing the injured Byron Mullens.

4. In that Heat game, the Bobcats turned a 19-point deficit into a two-point game late, showing resolve which has been encouraging for spurts during the losing streak.

5. The coaching staff has been just as focused and prepared now as they were during the winning start; a credit to Head Coach Mike Dunlap and his staff of Rick Brunson, Brian Winters, Stephen Silas, and Dan Liebovitz.

6. Gana Diop has registered nine blocks over the last two games.

7. The Bobcats went to an eight-man rotation last night vs. Miami, in large part due to injuries to Mullens, Gordon and Thomas.

8. I’ve never seen 19 year-old rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist sulk, look angered or show any signs of immaturity - never. Even when things aren’t going in favor of the youngest player in the league, MKG remains competitive and coachable.

9. The Bobcats rank eighth in turnovers committed, which is a great improvement from the statistics from last year. It’s particularly impressive considering the youth on this team.

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