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Honey Bees Auditions on June 7
Brandii McCoy /

By: Brandii McCoy,
May 20, 2014

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With all of the BUZZ about the Hornets return, you can imagine that as the dance team coach, things are pretty exciting over in our world as well. New team colors, new auditions and new costumes make for exciting times in our girly dance team environment.

The most frequent question I have been asked since the announcement of the Hornets name is, “So how does it feel to be going back to Honey Bees, since you were one of them?” It took me a long and hard time to figure out the answer to that. We had built the LadyCats brand for 10 years and worked so hard on giving the LadyCats an opportunity of a lifetime. Now, with a new name, we have the opportunity to expand on that hard work and gain some new opportunities that come along with the iconic Hornets branding.

I thought about my time with the Hornets way back from 1997-2001. I was on the final Honey Bees team and remember those moments with my fellow team members often. Reminiscing about SUPER HUGO doing amazing dunks, sitting in front of the press table during games (yes, old school...we got to do that back then) and cheering on the Hornets against Michael Jordan and the Bulls when he was in town to play. When the Hornets left town, I never thought the possibility of a return even existed, let alone that MJ would bring back the Hornets name. Those were the golden days for me and my teammates and we established lifelong friendships that have spanned almost two decades now. So my answer to the question, “How does it feel to be going back to the Honeybees?” became pretty clear. What I am most looking forward to with the return of the Hornets are the seats full of people, the support of a city surrounding the organization and that feel-good feeling I know the girls on the dance team will have.

As I have begun to build up the Honey Bees Alumni program to add to our LC Alumni program, I have come across a few women who cheered for the Hornets the very first year. Their stories are filled with amazing moments and memories with the best of fans and the funnest of times. Angie Day Haney was on the ORIGINAL team. Yes, year one... the first Honey Bees group ever selected. I asked her if she could describe the feeling she had stepping on to the court for a Hornets game. She answered, “It felt surreal. I thought I was in a dream and also thought I was going to get sick. The response from the crowd was amazing”. I know from my own experience and from our Buzz City games this season that the games felt like so much fun because the music took me back, and Angie confirmed that she, “remembered ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and ‘Pump It Up!’” Those were here favorite songs the Honey Bees danced to. (Coaching side note – some of the LC’s on last year’s team didn’t event know the song Shook Me... I had some quick Rock and Roll 101 lessons :)

Now Angie, who is a mother and wife, still keeps in touch with her former teammates. She said they went through a lot together and are some of her most precious friends. I asked her what her kids thought about her being a Honey Bees alum, and she said, “Because of the name change, my daughter actually believes I used to dance for the NBA”

With the return of the Honey Bees name and our upcoming auditions, I asked if she could give the girls any advice on auditioning. “ your personality. Never give up! Make the judges notice YOU!!!”

Great advice, I thought...and as a coach, I have my own list of advice for Honey Bees hopefuls, but it’s VERY long... and you’ll have to attend a Honeybee prep clinic to hear all of that. :)

Coach B.