Salute To Our Hometown Heroes - Round 3

Erick Lamb Harold Jeffers
Erick Lamb Harold Jeffers
Rank: E-6
Branch: Army
Years of Service:11
NC/SC Connection: Fort Bragg, NC
Shout-out: Erick is with the 1/505 P.I.R. He is from Lake George, NY but he likes to call Biscoe, NC his home, where his wife is from. He has two great kids- Erick Jr. and Samantha. He is a lovely father and Husband.
Rank: E-7 Gunnery Sergeant
Branch: USMC
Years of Service: 14
NC/SC Connection: Belmont, NC
Shout-out:Jeff has made multiple deployments in his career to include tours to Afghanistan, Korea, Horn of Africa, Europe and Japan. He has completed a crucial part of the Corps as a recruiter of young marines out of Richmond, Virginia. He has cared and provided for his family while being separated from them every year he has been married and a father. Some being 8-9 months in length. All the while keeping his family happy and intact. Jeff enjoys supporting and helping his daughters' soccer and basketball teams when he can. His true sacrifice comes in the form of time taken away from watching his daughter grow up. Only through emails and pictures does he get to see her blossom.

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