Fantasy Outlook – Big Men on the Rise

By Caroline Sikes and Ketrell Marshall
January 3, 2013

As the Bobcats have suffered through injuries during the month of December, several players have been given an opportunity to step up, none more so than Hakim Warrick. After Byron Mullens was sidelined due to a severe sprained ankle, Coach Mike Dunlap gave Warrick the nod for a starting spot. Through the past five games, Warrick has been putting up impressive numbers with 12.7 points and 7.25 rebounds in 30.8 minutes. Warrick could be beneficial to your fantasy squad with numbers like these, plus he’s only owned in 0.7 percent of all fantasy leagues. As long as Warrick continues to thrive in his starting role, you should not be afraid to give him a shot as a starter on your team.

The Cavaliers have been struggling to win games, dropping nine of their last 11, but Rookie Tyler Zeller has been a bright spot after Anderson Varejao was shelved with a bruised right knee. Zeller has been averaging 11.6 points, 7.0 boards in 34.4 minutes. Zeller, similar to Warrick, is underused on most fantasy teams. Currently, he is only owned in 1.3 percent of all fantasy leagues. Since Varejao has returned to practice, it will be interesting to see if Zeller can continue to remain consistent if he returns his role as a reserve. Taking a chance on Zeller could prove to have a substantial impact on your fantasy team.

Another Rookie putting up nice numbers in the paint is Andre Drummond for the Pistons. Through the past six games, Drummond averages 9.3 points, 10.8 rebounds in 24.0 minutes, all of which are well over his averages for the season. Drummond is a little more popular to fantasy buffs, where he’s owned in 34.7 percent of fantasy leagues. Drummond has yet to start a game this season, but if you need a big man in your starting lineup, he is a good option. His defense has been efficient with 1.53 blocks and he’s been consistent on the offensive end, shooting 58.4 percent from the floor.

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