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Erick Dampier on Trade with Mavericks

July 16, 2010

Bobcats Acquire Three from Dallas | Fan Poll | Dampier Gallery | Dampier Player Page

Charlotte Bobcats General Manager Rod Higgins announced on July 13 that the team acquired center Erick Dampier, shooting guard Matt Carroll, forward Eduardo Najera and cash considerations from the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca. Dampier spoke to the media about the deal.

On the status of Dampiers non-guaranteed contract
Ive talked to Rod briefly, I knew him back when I was in Golden State, and he told me he was at summer league and we were going to talk more about this week. They have expressed some interest in waiving me and re-signing me. Well hopefully talk more about it this weekend and hopefully we can come to a decision.

On what Dampier learned when playing for Larry Brown previously
He was the head coach in Indiana in 1996 and he drafted me so just playing with him. Practices were hard, he was hard on the rookies, but hes a good coach and he knows how to win games and he just wants you to play hard while youre out there on the floor.

On whether Dampier would be interested in returning to the Bobcats if he were waived
There is an interest in returning, obviously yall have some key players like Stephen Jackson. With the addition of us three, we can really turn things around. I think the three of us just want to win games. We just want to come in and do whatever it takes and work hard every day to make the players and the team better.

On the uncertainty surrounding Dampiers future due to his contract
To me, its up in limbo. I dont really know whats going to happen at this point. My main focus has pretty much been on working out and Ive let my agent take care of all the contract negotiations.

On what Bobcats fans can expect from Najera and Dampier
I just try to be a physical player around the basket and score whenever I get the opportunity. Just try to be a double-double player every night. Dirtiness around the basket, rebound, block shots, the things Ive been doing my whole career.

On whether Dampier expects his contract situation to be cleared up soon
The sooner the better, so both sides will know. Ive talked to my agent about it every other day or so and I think hes been in contact with Rod and Michael so were just going to see what happens from this point on.

On whether Dampier would consider returning to Dallas if he is waived
I dont think (Dallas) would need me back because they have three or four centers so they dont need to resign me. If I were waived, I would obviously give Charlotte the first opportunity and see what they say and see if they are interested in me or not. If they are not interested in me, Im sure there are other teams that would probably be interested.

On whether Dampier sees himself as the starter at center
I dont even know. Ive been a starter all my life but if they see me coming off the bench then there is not a problem with that. Ive been in both positions. I think the main thing is whoever is out there on the floor has just got to give it 110% when theyre out there.

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