Age: 19
Position: Small Forward
Height: 6-8
Weight: 215 lbs.
School: North Carolina
Mock Draft Average: 6
Highest Prediction: 3 (Roto World)
Lowest Prediction: 7 (3x)
Most Predicted: 5 (4x)

Season: 2011-12
Points: 17.1
Rebounds: 5.2
Assists: 1.1
Steals: 1.1
Blocks: 0.3
Field Goal %: .440
Free Throw %: .723
Three-Point %: .358
Games Played: 38
Minutes: 29.2

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Mocking the Draft

2012 Draft Central

Long wing scorer
Ability to score from anywhere with great midrange game
High basketball IQ
Solid defender

He has great size at 6-8 to go along with a long wingspan, and a very strong, mature frame for a 19 year old (he'll turn 20 next month). He doesn't possess elite explosiveness, but he's very smooth and fluid athletically, and should have an easier time than most rookies adjusting to the NBA from a physical standpoint. On the defensive end, Barnes still shows the same promise that we noted last year, thanks to his solid physical tools and fundamentals. His size, length, and strength should serve him well defending small forwards at the NBA level, and he does a nice job moving laterally, understanding positioning, and challenging shots. When looking forward to Barnes' role at the NBA level, his mature frame, scoring tools, and defensive ability give him a nice base to build on and should allow to him to contribute to an NBA team right away. Barnes is an outstanding shot-maker, and should benefit from the greater spacing he'll see in the NBA, giving him more room to operate and create space for himself off the dribble. He should end up being a versatile scoring option who can catch the ball in different areas of the floor, whether it's posting up smaller players, catching the ball in the mid-range, running off screens, or being used in isolations and pick-and-rolls on the perimeter as he improves his ball-handling.

Aggressive offensively with one of the most reliable jump shots in the draft. Can also regularly knock down the three. Great character and maturity.

Barnes is a terrific shooter, is unafraid to keep firing and can defend multiple positions. His size and shooting ability for his position are good. One of the best pure scorers in college basketball. Barnes is a smooth player with a sick jumper. He has deep, deep range. He's fearless. He can miss five straight shots and will still be unafraid to take the next one. Can defend multiple positions. He's a great kid with a terrific basketball IQ.