Cats Off the Court: Cody Zeller

By Caroline Jones
July 8, 2013

The Bobcats selected Cody Zeller with the No. 4 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. We caught up with him after summer league practice find out more about Charlotte’s newest big man off the court.


Have you ever seen Space Jam?
Yes, I’m a big fan of Space Jam.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I’m pretty boring – I like to sleep and watch movies.

What kind of movies and do you have a favorite?
Action and comedy – Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Wedding Crashers.

So you’re excited about Anchorman 2?
Of course

What are you going to miss most about college?
Playing in Assembly Hall in Indiana, it was unbelievable, and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana

Are you planning to finish up (your degree from Indiana)?
Yeah, I’m 35 credit hours from graduating

Okay, so you have about two years left?
I’ll be able to do it in two summers

You’re pretty open about your religious beliefs – Do you have a favorite verse?
Luke 12:48, to whom much is given much is required, and Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Is there anything that makes those in particular special to you?
Coach (Tom) Crean at Indiana used to tell me Luke 12:48 a lot and Philippians 4:13 is just the obvious reasons

Your family’s non-profit, DistinXion (, can you talk a little bit about what that means to you?
It means a lot to me, I’ve had so many influential people help me reach the point where I’m at both on and off the basketball court. My brothers and I try to give back to the little kids and help out in any way that we can.

Is that something you want to be a bigger part of after basketball is all said and done?
Yeah definitely, I’ll be helping with it as much as I can even while I’m playing

You weren’t allowed to have a lot of involvement with the organization while you were still in college, right?
Correct, because of the NCAA rules I wasn’t allowed to help even though it’s a non-profit and my family’s company - So now I can advertise for it or go to events and things like that

It’s rumored you’re a big prankster – What’s your best one yet or one that you remember in particular?
My mom has a big thing for saving all of our old phones in case one of ours breaks or anything, we have a closet full of about 15 or 20 old phones, so one night I charged them all up and hid them around my parents’ room and had them go off in the middle of the night. So after one or two that was it.

So you were the favorite son that night?
Oh, for sure

Can you take a prank as much as you can dish it out – Have you prepared yourself for the rookie pranks?
Yeah, for sure

Have you got any retaliation planned?
No, I think I’m just going to take it

What was it like to grow up in Washington, Indiana?
It was awesome, it’s a small town of 12,000 and our basketball gym holds about 7,000 so we’d sell it out a few games a year. It’s a big basketball community and really a close community – It was really fun.

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