Charlotte Bobcats Arena Parking

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For more information on where Charlotte Bobcats Arena is located please visit our Directions Information page.

Parking within a 5 minute walk.

Parking Lot Number Address
125 125 S. Brevard @ E 4th St.
406 406 E. 4th St.
426 426 E. 4th St. @ S. Brevard St.
402 402 E. 4th St. @ S. Brevard St.
222 222 S. Caldwell St.
221 221 N. Caldwell St.
329 329 N. Brevard St. @ 7th St.
401 401 N. Brevard St. @ E. 7th St.
638 7th St. Station
642 100 N. College
709 300 N. Brevard St.
734 500 E. Trade St.
745 Brevard @ 4th St.
746 Davidson @ 5th St.

Parking within a 10 minute walk.

Parking Lot Number Address
120C 120 Meyers St. @ E. 5th St.
300FBC 300 S. Caldwell St.
123G 123 S. Church St. @ 4th St.
632 120 N. Tryon St.
641 101 N. Tryon St.
683 115 W. 6th St.
684 525 N. Tryon St.
705 214 N. Tryon St.
315 315 E. 7th St.
317 317 E. 8th St.
625 625 N. Brevard St.
201 201 S. College St.
119 119 E. 7th St.
400 400 N. Tryon St.
IMAG E. 7th St. & Brevard
BREV 525 S. Brevard St.
CALD 501 S. Caldwell St.

Parking within a 15 minute walk.

Parking Lot Number Address
303 303 S. Caldwell St. (United Way)
309 309 W. Trade St.
687 206 S. Church St.
GCTR 901 W. Trade St.
CVLG 700 W. Trade St.

Special Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations

Taxis will be permitted to drop-off and pick-up passengers on the north side of Trade Street between Brevard and Caldwell. Taxis will pick up patrons on the north side of Trade between Caldwell and Davidson Streets.

Event attendees being dropped off by disabled accessible vehicles or limousines will have access to an authorized drop-off and pick-up area on the south side of Fifth Street. Vehicles using this location must have authorized license plates or placards. Parents dropping off children also will use this area along Fifth Street.

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Bus and Limousine Parking

$20 Advance Purchase Cost
$40 Day of Event Buses and Limousines are encouraged to pre-register for parking for Charlotte Bobcats Arena events. If you are a bus service or limousine provider please visit to pre-register. You must purchase parking in advance to save $20 off of the normal $40 day of event cost.