Age: 19
School: Kentucky
Position: Center
Height: 7-0
Weight: 206 lbs.
Class: Freshman
Wingspan: 7-3.75
Standing Reach: 9-2
Hand Width: 10

Average: 1
Highest: 1 (12x)
Lowest: 2 (1x)
Most Predicted: 1 (12x)

31.9 .590 .000 .529 9.5 1.6 4.4 2.1 10.5

- Long, athletic big man
- Amazing shot-blocker
- Explosive leaper
- Emerging offensive player
- Good passer out of the post


Apr 15 Update: Noel declared for the 2013 NBA Draft today. Noel's season ended on Feb. 12 when he tore his left ACL. However, the injury has done little to hurt his draft stock. Noel has been atop our Big Board all year with the exception of a brief slip to No. 2 after the injury. He has great size and athletic ability, and he proved to be one of the hardest-working players at Kentucky this season. Although his offensive game is a work in progress, he has as much upside as anyone in the draft. We currently project him as the No. 1 player on our board and he goes No. 1 in most mock draft scenarios.

Any discussion about Noel's potential as a NBA prospect should start with his phenomenal physical attributes. Measured at 6-10 without shoes, with a 7-4 wingspan and exceptional athletic ability, Noel is a rare specimen. He runs the floor like a guard, is extremely nimble and quick, and has pogo stick leaping ability. This allows him to cover ground unbelievably well both vertically and horizontally, which helps him impact the game in numerous ways. It's safe to say that, should he make a full recovery from his injury as expected, he'll be one of the most athletic big men in the NBA.
Strengths: One of the best pure shot blockers to come along in a number of years ... He's a more explosive leaper and has better on ball shot blocking ability than last year's UK freshman intimidator Anthony Davis. While Davis had a little better lateral speed and ability to get to shots as a weakside defender, Noel's ability to deny his man any daylight to the rim and be a rim protector makes him even more dominant, and a potential defensive enforcer for the NBA ... An elite level athlete with great quickness and explosive leaping ability ... Great length, reported 7'4 wingspan ... Showed surprising ability to get steals using his quick hands (2.1 per game), though some of those reach ins will draw fouls and not be as sucessful in the NBA ... Must get stronger but has the potential to play both post positions: power forward and center ... A good kid, with a strong work ethic ... Competes. Plays with great energy and effort ... His great length, explosiveness and natural timing which makes him such a dominant shot blocker also makes him a great rebounder and ally oop/put back dunker ... Strong rebounder. Shows a willingness to bang inside and fight for rebounds. 9.5 rpg ... Good hands to snatch rebounds and make one handed put backs in spectacular fashion ... As raw as he is, he seems to have a solid feel for the game and understanding of how to play to his strengths ... Showed development in his freshman season, learning to get a wide base, call for the ball, keep it away from guards and make plays, though unpolished, towards the basket ... Has developed a little baby hook shot with either hand that has shown some success at times ... Shows the ability to face up and get by slower defenders using the dribble ... Surprisingly good passer for a bigman. His near 1-1 a/to ratio shows that he passes well and also doesn't turn the ball over a great deal ... His impact on UK has been most apparent after his injury, with the team losing their first game w/out him by 30 to Tennessee ... While he lacks much muscle tone, he does show very good aggressiveness attacking the basket and is "wiry strong" ... While his ACL injury takes some of the luster off of him as a prospect due to the unknowns surrounding him returning to 100%, the fact that he's so young and today's technology with athletes such as Adrian Peterson having made such amazing recoveries after surgery helps his cause ...